Amazon's workers declare strike before the biggest sales fight "Black Friday" sale in the year

Telling the beginning of the US end-of-year sales battle "Black Friday"Is the day that we can expect the most sales in the American retail industry and recently not only in the US but also in Europe has been selling in line with Black Friday and both online and offline are important for the retail industry. In Italy's Amazon, labor union announced that it will take a strike with Black Friday after labor-management negotiation entangled, and it is one riot.

Workers at Amazon's main Italian hub, German warehouses strike on Black Friday

Like many European countries, in recent years, the big sales fight "Black Friday" held in the next week of Thanksgiving in Italy has become the biggest commercial event at the end of the year. Naturally, the biggest sale in Amazon Italy, the leading online retailer, has been made and careful preparations are being made before Black Friday, where items can be sold as if it were fly, but Amazon Italian warehouse employees " We will decide to take a strike with Black Friday "and the dark clouds are dripping in the Black Friday season.

According to Reuters report, a labor union affiliated with over 500 workers working in Piacenza warehouse in North Italy, which is a key point of Amazon Italian logistics announced that the bonus negotiations with Amazon have broken. With the breakdown of the negotiations triggered, "I decided not to work overtime over the holiday season until 31 December 2017 including Black Friday".

Amazon Italy also announced the statement, "We are concentrating on maintaining regular delivery on Black Friday and the next day, and the salary paid by Amazon Italy for workers is the highest in the logistics field in Italy We are also offering various welfare programs such as private medical insurance and subsidy expenditure for employment training programs, "he argued that the content of labor negotiations is not unfair.

In addition, Germany's largest labor union "Verdi(Unified Service Industry Labor Union) also announced that six delivery centers operating in Germany will strike Black Friday due to illegal work due to overtime work and inadequate wage payment. "The world's largest online retailer wants to update the sales record in Black Friday, but employees are not limited to this day, but Stefanie Nutzenberger, the representative of Verdi Verdi, said record- It is required to demonstrate performance. "

If strikes occur in Amazon warehouses of each country in Europe, there is a possibility that sales record update that Amazon aims at will not be realized. Attention is drawn to how Amazon deals with requests stemming from employees before the biggest sales challenge in the year.

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