Before the launch of iPhone X, the Korean authorities forcibly investigate the Apple office, aiming to disturb sales?

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In some countries and regions including Japan, sales have already started "iPhone XHowever, in the neighboring Korea it was finally released on November 24 (Friday). But,MetroAccording to the Korean authorities, the Korean authorities forcibly investigated the Apple office in Seoul before the launch of iPhone X, and a big ripple spreads.

Apple offices raided ahead of launch of iPhone X in South Korea | Metro News

According to Metro, the Korean authorities forcibly investigated the Apple office in Seoul and asked some questions about practice at the beginning of the week when iPhone X was launched in South Korea. Because it was the timing of "Before the launch of iPhone X", the media reported that Metro and others "It is possible that Korean authorities tried to hinder iPhone X sales."

Speaking of Korea is home to a huge manufacturer who is strong in the field of smartphones such as Samsung and LG, but Apple products are still deeply popular. The iPhone X has sold out continuously at the pre-order stage, and it is thought that it will give a big blow to sales of competing products.

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The Fair Trade Commission of Apple and Korea has a long history, and in 2016 the Korea Fair Trade Commission investigated to see whether Apple made an unfair contract with a local cell phone carrier It is. The forced investigation this time is suspected that "Apple has made an unfair contract with a Korean company that is requesting repair of the iPhone etc", and investigations a few months ago It is said to be part of the survey about the onset that started.

In addition, the Korea Fair Trade Commission said that in 2015, when Apple 's iPhone won a 33% share in the domestic smartphone market, the Korea Fair Trade Commission established a special unit to check whether foreign companies are harming the domestic smartphone market.

Roger Kei, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates who analyzes the technology field, has accused Korea of ​​"there is a problem in protectionism", and in the pastForbes"Korea's Fair Trade Commission has written numerous false allegations against foreign companies in recent years" as well. Also,Franklin Center for Government and Public IntegrityEric Telford, President of Eric Telford also said, "Korean antitrust agencies are surprising as threatening the survival of foreign companies operating in Korea, including major companies such as Apple, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Qualcomm, We are taking action, "accuses Korea's Fair Trade Commission.

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Furthermore, such South Korea based Samsung will make iPhone users new smartphoneGalaxy Note 8YaGalaxy S8 / S8 +Upgrade To Galaxy "campaign to have you try it, its capacity is quite large, up to 10,000 people, you can see how iPhone is threatening.

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