Matsuya's "Premium Kimchi Cow and Ji-don with piriri and stimulated Kimchi in thick richly octopus egg are compatible with sweetness and bitterness

Matsuya's premium beef with high-quality beef rather than standard beef "Premium beef cattle"With the fluffy eggs"Premium beef and rice bowl"Added a pretty spicy kimchi and even a premium bowl menu"Premium Kimuchi beef and rice bowl"Has appeared since November 14, 2017. I ate quickly what premium beef, rice bowl and kimchi are compatible with each other.

Premium Kimuchi beef and rice bowl

Matsuya'sPremium beef tassel storeArrival in. "Cow and don bowl" using normal beef cattle beef and "Kimchi beef and rice bowl" can be ordered at Matsuya nationwide, but "Premium beef and rice bowl" and "Premium kimuchi beef and rice bowl" are only available at some stores It is offer.

There was a poster of premium beef and rice bowl in the shop. One week from the release date it is Rice Sushin free service. It is a landmark that is marked as "premium" in the golden frame.

Only when ordering "premium beef and rice bowl" or "premium kimchi beef and rice bowl", it is said that "ordinary lots of pork juice" can be ordered at the price of 180 yen usually at 100 yen, so "Premium Kimuchi beef I ordered a bowl and pork juice set. When I arrived in about 5 minutes from the order, I was surprised at the volume.

The sense of size of Dong Buri that you can understand by trying with chopsticks. Unlike beef cattle, it was shallow and wide wide.

And also the pork juice is this size. When arranging dongburi and pork soup, you can see the cow and the rice-bowl small, but the vessel of the pork juice is quite large.

Premium beef and kimchi laid on it are bounded with eggs of Trotoro. There was a sprinkle of griddle on Teppen.

First of all we have premium beef. The taste of the meat is more clear than the usual beef cattle. The beef that firmly asserts in the richness of egg tea is unique in premium. Thanks to the fluffy eggs, the rice will go into the swiss fish rather than the usual beef cattle.

Put on kimchi and be even more unique. Mixed Kimchi and Calvi in ​​the popular menu of Matsuya "Kimcar riceAlthough, although there was compatibility between beef cattle and kimchi and compatibility between egg and kimchi, this was very good. In "Kimuchi beef and rice bowl", the taste of eggs, soup, kimchi was strong and the taste of beef was blurred, but "Beef taste premium kimuchi beef and rice bowl" firmly asserts the taste of beef. Also, as eggs and beef are soft, Kimchi with crispy crunchy with shakijaki has become a good accent on the texture, and spicyness remains in the aftertaste as chopsticks advance and feel very good.

"Black sesame roasting seasoning" was attached, so sprinkle this one and it is another thing.

Piriri comes with black sesame seven delicious compatibility with rich egg sticks. Egg binding is also to come feel merit and eat in the bowl, but the exciting taste of spicy and Shichimi of kimchi is suppressed of Kud, we were able to proceed to eat and greedily. It is also good that you can eat cow cow, Kimchi cattle, black sesame seven taste cow starch, changing taste.

"Premium beef and rice bowl" is 550 yen including tax, "Premium Kimuchi beef and rice bowl" is provided at 600 yen including tax, provided only at premium beef handling stores. In addition to the premium beef handling store, you can eat "cattle and rice bowl" using the same beef as normal beef with tax 500 yen, "Kimchi beef and rice bowl" at 550 yen. Only when ordering either "cattle and じ 丼", you can order a pig juice set at 100 yen, so it should be great to warm up double with kimchi and pork juice during the cold weather season.

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