Yoshinoya's "Pork Bowl" renewed so I tried it with various toppings

That 's Yoshinoya, a beef bowl chain, that can be eaten cheaper than beef bowl. That'Bowl of pork"I renewed the seasoning and returned to the menu. The renewed pork - bowl is served with sweet sauce before it is served, so it is finished in a rice bowl that deliciously eat more. In addition, we can also combine egg egg, kimchi, cheese, half-egg eggs on the topping, so we tried to eat compatibility with all the four types of toppings and renewed pork bowl.

Notice of the release of a new pork bowl | Official Yoshinoya website

Arrived at Yoshinoya.

There was a banner in front of the store to inform that the pork bowl was renewed.

In order to confirm and eat all the topping of the renewed pork bowl, "Pork Kimchi Bowl" (450 Yen incense tax included), "Pork leek rice bowl" (450 Yen incense tax included), "Pork Cheese Bowl" 450 yen), ordered "Pork Hanboku Don" (450 yen including incense tax).

Four pork bowls ordered in about 4 minutes arrived.

It is like a pork bowl alone. In addition, it is 350 yen including tax.

In pork bowl, pork and onions simmered with sweet sauce are mixed before offering, and white sesame seeds are sprinkled from the top. According to a clerk, this white sesame seems to be newly added, not before renewal.

The size of the Bunraku bowl is like this when compared with the long side of the iPhone 7.

When you eat pork - bowl, the umami of the pork seasoned with sweet taste and the original sweetness of the onion are felt firmly, together with the fragrance of white sesame, the rice advances. Editorial staff who had eaten pork bowl before the renewal said, "As compared with the previous pork bowl, sweetness of pork and sauce is becoming well felt immediately after putting it in his mouth."

Next we add each topping and try it. I try to eat it by topping with a half-round egg that I got at "Hot Pot bamboo rice".

Since it was hard to eat with chopsticks, trying to eat it with a spoon, the sweetly seasoned pork and semi-eggs compatibility are outstanding, and the egg's richness is also good.

Next, I will eat "Pork lettuce onion". Pork sliced ​​onion rice bowl has a scallion onion and egg yolk on the center, and sauce based sauce is added here.

When you eat, you can enjoy the texture and taste different from ordinary pork bowl due to the texture of egg cherry tofu with eggplant and egg taste, sweet taste of pork bowl, and sauce based sauce.

Next, I will eat "Pork Cheese Bowl" which plenty of cheese topped with pork bowl.

Two kinds of cheese are topped on the pork, and it melts with the warmth of pork.

When eating, the cheese is thick and mellowed by plusing the taste of sweet sauce of pork.

Lastly, I will eat 'Kimchi rice bowl of pigs' which put kimchi on.

When I tried it, I felt that sweet sauce of pork and bowl was losing to spicy taste of kimchi. However, the crispy texture of Chinese cabbage is good for accent, and it seems to be good if you want to challenge exciting pig rice with hot spicy.

Various pork bowls renewed are being sold at stores in Yoshinoya throughout the country. The price is as high as 350 yen including tax, 450 yen including tax, 420 yen including tax, 520 yen for tax included in Takamori, and 650 yen including tax for Komori.

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