Samsung is more profitable to sell displays for iPhone X than to manufacture parts of Galaxy S8

Samsung exclusively supplying organic EL display to the iPhone 10th anniversary commemorative model "iPhone X" predicts that the display unit is wholesale at 110 dollars (about 12,000 yen) per unit is The Wall Street Journal ( WSJ) issued by the company. This is stupid in parts manufacturing for smartphones, it is pointed out that it is more profitable than its own Galaxy S8 manufacture.

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WSJ is, Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung supplies the organic EL display for the iPhone X is not obtained $ 110 from Apple for each one display (about 12,000 yen), revenues of 40 billion dollars (about 450 billion It is reported that it will climb to the yen). This benefit is greater and the than benefits derived from the manufacture of components of high-end smart phone Galaxy S8 for steel Samsung. It should be noted that, to be exact, but is Samsung Electronics is to sell the Galaxy S8, if you look at tying that Samsung is a huge conglomerate, than to produce its own smartphones parts, those of Apple's iPhone for parts is a rival That makes profit much more.

Samsung can set an extremely high part price of 110 dollars (about 12,000 yen) for one car only because the only manufacturer in the world that can massively and stably supply high quality organic EL display for iPhone X is Samsung Because it is Display, there is a fact that it is. Although Apple and Samsung have repeated court struggle with respect to intellectual property rights related to smartphones, they are surprisingly intimate in the parts supply for mobile terminals and are in a state of mutual benefit.

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Nonetheless, it is true that Apple 's Samsung one company is a major risk to management for Apple, and Apple has provided funds to Samsung' s rival LG, We are making efforts to expand the suppliers of our products.

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