Microsoft partnered with Spotify, part of the service of the music service "Groove" which had been unknowingly started was finished

Microsoft is using "music streaming delivery service"Spotify"We announced a partnership with the music distribution service"Groove"Announcing that the streaming service will end.

Groove Music Pass and Spotify: Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft retires Groove Music service, partners with Spotify - The Verge

"Groove" was born in 2015 by changing the name from Xbox Music. Groove does not have a free music streaming service like Spotify, but there is a paid streaming playback service "Groove Music Pass". However, due to the alliance with Spotify, this Groove Music Pass is said to be closed on 31 December 2017. In addition, Groove Music Pass membersTerms of useIf it matches, Spotify Premium will be available for free for 60 days.

As Groove's own service continues, features like purchasing and downloading music, playing music uploaded to OneDrive, etc. will continue to be available. In other words, only the streaming service "Groove Music Pass" is not available. However, although Groove's exclusive application can play music data already purchased, after 31 December 2017, music streaming, purchasing, and downloading services via the application will end.

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Please note that if you have purchased an annual subscription for Groove Music Pass and have a contract after December 31, 2017 that will be terminated, please contact Microsoft on or after December 31, 2017 by 1 February 2018 We will refund the available amount on a prorated basis. Also, if you can not make a refund based on the payment method you use, Microsoft is adding a Microsoft gift card equivalent to 120% of the fee to the user's Microsoft account.

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