Reason for becoming a "luxury iPhone" for the 10th anniversary commemorative iPhone exceeding $ 1000


The iPhone series celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone released in 2017. In commemoration of the 10th anniversary, Apple may release a premium model of the iPhoneOwasaAlthough it is, Fast Company predicts that such 10th anniversary model will become "luxury iPhone" exceeding $ 1000 (about 110,000 yen).

Here's Why Apple's 10th Anniversary iPhone Will Likely Cost More Than $ 1,000 | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

According to sources close to Apple, Apple is developing an "ultimate iPhone" commemorating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, which means that the North American price of this may be 1000 dollars (about 110,000 yen) . The current price of the iPhone 7/7 Plus in North America is 649 dollars (about 73,000 yen) for the 32 GB model of the iPhone 7, 749 dollars (about 84,000 yen) for the 128 GB model, 849 dollars for the 256 GB model The price of iPhone 7 Plus is 769 dollars (about 86,000 yen) for the 32GB model, 869 dollars for the 128GB model (about 97,000 yen), and 969 dollars for the 966GB model (about 108,000 yen).

In the new iPhone, it is predicted that the screen covers the entire front side of the terminal and will be equipped with a 5.8 inch curved surface OLED display. In addition, there is an expectation that the new iPhone will become "iPhone 8" and that it will be named "iPhone X" in commemoration of the tenth anniversary.

The iPhone 10th anniversary model is equipped with a 5.8 inch curved surface OLED display · Face recognition sensor and the name is "iPhone X"? - GIGAZINE

The most frequently appearing in rumors and rumors is that "the new iPhone will be equipped with an OLED display", and according to information sources, this new display seems to be about twice the cost of conventional LCD display. Also, memory is expected to be strengthened in the new terminal, which is also said to be contributing to the soaring price of the premium model. Since the front of the new iPhone will be all displays, "The appearance will look like a smooth black chunk," Fast Company.

In addition, KGI Securities analyst said that in addition to the 5.8-inch premium iPhone, Apple released 4.7-inch iPhone 7s and 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus, with the exception of the premium model, LCD display instead of OLED displayPredictiondoing.

Although it is an anticipated OLED display installed in the premium iPhone, multiple sources say "Only Samsung can produce what meets the quality requirements required by Apple". In the first place, it seems that only companies that can manufacture OLED displays are Samsung and some startups in Asia.

The side of the premium iPhone is likely to use stainless steel cheaper than the aluminum used for the case of the iPhone 7, and the back part is not a metal but a glass panel like iPhone 4 or 4 s Thing. Although Apple Watch uses stainless steel among Apple products, it is unknown whether it will be the same glossy processing or a matte finish like a conventional iPhone.

In addition, there is also an expectation that the home button will be arranged so that it can not be seen inside the display because the front is all the display. It is not that the home button with the Touch ID does not disappear but it will be used by tapping directly on the display. In addition, there is a possibility that the physical button on the side may also disappear, in that case it seems that the touch sensor will be mounted on the side.

Furthermore, according to sources, Apple is developing 3D sensing technologyLumentumIt seems that we are affiliated with. It is unknown how things developed in this alliance will be incorporated into the iPhone, but Fast Company says it may be used for face authentication function.

Besides, although Intel provides a modem chip to a part of iPhone 7, premium iPhone will be offering Intel 's latest modem "7480 LTE". In addition, Qualcomm said that it plans to provide a modem to some terminals.

It is said that the premium iPhone plans to have a much larger battery than the iPhone 7, but its exact size is also unknown.

Production of the next iPhone will be started faster than usualAlthough there are reports that there is a report, Fast Company source says "I have not received such information." In addition, Apple says it will order approximately 100,000 iPhones to be manufactured for commissioning in production, and will request suppliers to provide the parts used in this trial run for free. About this, information sources say "trial operation is a big burden for suppliers." In addition, it seems that manufacturing of the new iPhone usually starts in May.

Since Apple can change terminal functions and specifications even in the latter half of the production cycle, there is also the possibility that other functions will be installed.

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