Artificial intelligence turned out to be able to distinguish straight or gay by analyzing facial photos with high accuracy


A study was published to analyze the human face photo by the artificial intelligence system to distinguish between "straight or homosexual (gay)". According to Stanford University which developed the system, 81% said that the target is male and 74% when it is female.

OSF | Deep neural networks are more accurate than humans at detecting sexual orientation from facial images.

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Advances in AI are used to spot signs of sexuality

AI can tell if people are gay or straight with one photo of their face

New AI can work out whether you are gay or straight from a photograph | Technology | The Guardian

It is said that human beings are also equipped with the ability to be called "gayder" to judge the sexual orientation "straight or gay", but in 2012 research, its accuracy is in the 50% range It was said that about 65% from the second half.

A study result of "Gader" which can be judged only by looking at the face whether gay or straight is revealed - GIGAZINE

In the research of Stanford University, using more than 35,000 photos registered in dating sites as samples, features are extracted from images using deep neural networks, and for gay men and women, they are slightly different from straight I discovered that there is a part. The precision when using one photo was 81% male and 74% female, but when we used discrimination using 5 pictures per person, accuracy increased to 91% of men and 83% of females. When the same investigation is carried out with human eyes, the accuracy is 61% male and 54% female, and results close to 2012 research came out.

"Synthetic" straight "face" (left two rows) and "synthesized" gay "face (right two rows) published in the paper.

An illustration of the average of contours and parts of facial parts etc. The top is male, the bottom is female, the red line is gay, the green line is straight.

According to Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang who carried out the research, the face is characterized by the fact that sexual orientation has been formed under the influence of hormones before birth, whether straight or gay later It is thought that it was not selected.

In addition, there are people who send e-mails and complaints directly to Mr. Koninski on Twitter as well as good or bad things, but Kosinski and others aimed for "image straight or gay Prove that you can judge from a picture whether straight or gay "instead of" creating technology to judge from the image ". In other words, this kind of technology has already been secretly developed and there is a fear that it may be utilized somewhere.

For example, Russia forbade to inform young people of homosexuality "Homosexuality prohibition lawIn fact, the pressure to gay is also quite strong, but in the event that "skill to distinguish between straight and gay" spread, it is not clear that it is gay There is a possibility that dangers will live to the people living.

Even in the UK, against gaysHate Crime (Hate Crime)Is increasing, Daily Telegraph points out the dangers of technology.

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