A movie that summarizes various "average" that understand "I am over average or less"

There are various "average" of human, such as height and weight, the number of farts per day from the number of reading per day, the number of characters that can be hit with the keyboard per minute. It is difficult to judge objectively the ability and actions that you own is above average, below average, majority or minority, but it is difficult to judge whether it is a majority or a minority, but YouTube channel "AsapSCIENCE" which creates scientific illustration movie However, we publish movies that summarize various averages.

Are You Above Or Below Average? - YouTube

Men in North America have a height of 175.7 cm, a weight of 88.3 kg, a female a height of 161.8 cm, and a weight of 74.7 kg is an average value. Because the worldwide average weight is 62 kg, we can see that American women are heavier than the world average weight.

The average number of books read in the year in the United States is 12 volumes, and less than this means "the number of reading is less than average". On the other hand, enthusiastic readers have a reading reading equivalent to four times the average value, so it is said that there is a high possibility of lifting the average value.

The average number of letters an American can read per minute is 300 words.

The average number of letters you can hit with a keyboard per minute is 40 words.

Those with bachelor 's degree (university graduation qualifications) will have an academic background above the average in developed countries, but if you drop out of high school you will be below the average educational background.

If you can lift a bench press of 135 pounds (about 61 kg) in men, it shows a lot more robust than an average American male.

If you can run a mile (about 1.6 km) within 7 to 10 minutes for a woman, it shows that it is quicker than an average American woman.

A majority of people in the United States are taking sleeping time of 6.8 hours or more everyday.

The average intake of coffee is 3 cups a day, the average intake of water is 3-4 cups a day. The average number of urination done on a day is 6 times a day.

The average Americans do 14 farts a day on the 1st day, 500 ml ~ 1500 ml in one family.

If you have two or more children, it will be more than average in North America, but in Nigeria it is less than average even if there are six children.

The average viewing time of television on the day in the United States is about 5 hours in total. Similarly, it took about 5 hours on average to touch the mobile phone.

A teenage American young person shows that the average time to watch SNS on a day exceeds 9 hours on average, indicating that smartphones are spreading. Not only young people, average Americans touched the smartphone 2000 times a day.

In terms of wisdom, health, memory, humanity, do you think you are above average?

As a matter of fact, the phenomenon "Illusory Superiority" shows that the vast majority of people think "I am better than the average".

According to a survey of a college student, 87% of students believe that their intellectual learning abilities are above the median, indicating that people have cognitive bias to overestimate their abilities I will. This bias varies according to gender, men highly appreciate your IQ by 5 points, but women tend to estimate their IQ low.

The interesting thing, however, is that people with low IQ tend to overestimate their IQ, whereas people with a high IQ tend to underestimate themselves.

Furthermore, I am an American writerCharles BoukowskiEven said, "The problem in the world is that the wise one is doubtful, while the foolish one is full of confidence."

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