How many planets is needed for people all over the world to live like Americans?

Since the Cold War, the United States, which continues to be the sole superpower for a long time, is positioned as the world leader in various aspects. Compare the American lifestyle with the lifestyles around the world, if you want people in the whole world to live the same life as Americans, how much resources are needed is recorded in the movie "What If Everyone Lived Like Americans?"Explains it.

What If Everyone Lived Like Americans? - YouTube

There are 7.5 billion people on Earth.

Among them, 323 million are Americans.

I will examine what happens when people all over the world live in America, the world's superpower, in America.

So we will have data on American lifestyle. The average annual sex number of Americans is 138 times on average. This is second only to the top France.

On the other hand, 73% of the porn movies are made in America, so it is an extreme porn superpower.

In the United States of America, it runs an average of 13,476 miles (about 21,887 kilometers) in a car in the automobile. This is the No. 1 mileage in the world.

And the accident rate is the world top.

It is common practice to eat things in the car in the United States, and there is surprising data that 20% of the total food consumption is consumed in the car.

The average meal eaten by the Americans is 8 ounces (about 223 grams) on average averaging twice the world average.

To eat a large amount of meat, 10 billion animals are killed in the United States, which accounts for 15% of the worldwide consumption.

The average Americans are drinking 403 times of Coca-Cola beverages a year and are four times as strong as the world average of 92 times a year.

Calorie consumption · sugar intake · fat intake · consumption of vegetables and fruits is the top among 16 other wealthy countries.

Americans who are power consuming countries are also garbage-expelling powers. Americans throw out 1.6 billion pens and 220 million tires a year.

An average of 1609 pounds (729 kilograms) of garbage per person per year, of which 1200 pounds (544 kilograms) of organic garbage from food etc. Americans who are only 5% of the world's population are in a messy situation to produce 40% of the total garbage.

The average life expectancy of Americans is 82.1 for women and 77 for men and 42nd. You can see that life is shorter than Australia in 15th place and Canada in 19th place.

The median age of Americans is 37.9 years. It is younger than the average if it is 37 years old or younger, and it can be said that it is older than the average if it is over 38 years old. It is said that the difference with Canada / Australia may be born due to the difference of the public medical system.

The median age is higher than the world average of 15.3 years old Nigeria and 30.1 years old ......

It seems that it can be said that it is still "a young country" compared to Japan of 46.9 years old.

In the American lifestyle, 10 liters of oil is needed per day, slightly less than Canada. Compared with the fact that Bangladesh uses only 0.1 liter, the United States is a big oil consuming power.

Calculate the area of ​​agricultural land, forest and fishery resource necessary to produce food, wood, clothing items etc.Global HectareLet's think about an indicator that is.

The world average of 2.2 global hectares (gha) per person is necessary. On the other hand, 8.9gha is required for Kuwait who lives the wealthiest, and 6.8gha for the United States.

Carbon dioxide emissions are a global problem.

There is an estimate that it is necessary for half of the earth to be necessary to sustainably absorb carbon dioxide emitted around the world.

The number of Earths necessary for people all over the world to live the same as Americans is 4.1. It seems to me that everyone living an American life is devastating to the earth.

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