"THE EMOJI MOVIE" establishes a record that is the highest in history and "Minimum score 0%"

A movie whose main character "Emoji" is a leading characterTHE EMOJI MOVIE"Had become a previous reputation as low valuation majority at the time of trailer release. As a result of the fact that it was actually published in the United States, it was criticized at many evaluation sites, and the review of the movie critic is summarized and scored "Rotten Tomatoes", We decided to set up a record that is not unlike in the past," Positive Review: Zero. "

'The Emoji Movie' Debuts At Record-Breaking 0% On Rotten Tomatoes - DesignTAXI.com

In Rotten Tomatoes, there is an index called "TOMATOMETER" that aggregates positive reviews on each movie page and displays it as a percentage, and as the percentage is high, many movie critics have made a high reputation Become. After releasing THE EMOJI MOVIE, a page dedicated to Rotten Tomatoes also appeared, but TOMATOMETER recorded "0%" without anyone because no one has posted a positive review as anyone.

Rotten Tomatoes has received the following reviews.

It lacks everything from humor, wit, idea, visual, attractive performance, point of view, etc, and it is made to waste your time completely. (Alonso Duralde / The Wrap)

Did you hear that? This is the end of the world (Johnny Oleksinski / New York Post)

There are other worse things to spend 86 minutes. Perhaps, perhaps, it is better to spend 86 minutes outside (as if seeing THE EMOJI MOVIE), reading, or talking face to face with others. Because THE EMOJI MOVIE is nothing more than "Do not care" (Katie Walsh / Los Angeles Times)

It is very difficult to forgive the fact that THE EMOJI MOVIE's plot line does not matter, literally it is becoming a huge advertisement of mere application. Furthermore, an unforgivable crime is to perpetuate the notion that an emoticon is childish (Clio Chang / The New Republic)

If you are looking for a viewing experience filled with shimmering colors and funny animations, you'd better watch smartphones for an hour and a half (Matthew Goudreau / The Young Folks)

THE EMOJI MOVIE has been limited as far as criticism from people's celebrities, but at the time of writing the article TOMATOMETER has increased to 6%. However, Rotten Tomatoes officially acknowledges that "score 0%" is the lowest score ever. Although not added yet, Rotten Tomatoes ranking "Best and Worst Best Pictures(The highest & lowest movie) "is" The Broadway Melody "and the score is" 35% ", you can see that THE EMOJI MOVIE established the tallest record of the greatest.

However, in the box office revenue ranking at the time of article creation, it ranked second in the article creation point and "Spider-Man: Homecoming"And cut off 24.6 million dollars (about 2.7 billion yen) box office revenue. Because it is a topic that being undervalued in various places, it seems that a lot of people are running down with scary observation.

In addition, the rate of the online database "Internet Movie Database (IMDb)" on movies, television and video games is also low as "1.4" out of ten.

The Emoji Movie (2017) - IMDb

Moreover, the reaction of the person who actually went to see THE EMOJI MOVIE also goes up to Twitter. The following man seems to have visited the 23 o'clock night show, but the box office revenue has gone up, there is no one other audience, and the screening itself was canceled.

The following men seem to tweet that "I took a child and went to see THE EMOJI MOVIE, I remember hatred by the real son".

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