It is unrelated to the low score of the movie information site "Rotten Tomatoes" and the box office

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Known as a major movie information siteRotten Tomatoes"There is an index called" Tomatometer "that tabulated reviews of critics. An indication that this score has influenced viewers of the movie too much and that low-scored movies are pulling out from the movie industry, but data analysis experts say 2017 We compared the box office performance of the movie published in Tomatometer and revealed that "There was no correlation between the two."

It was an article by the New York Times entitled "Attacked by Rotten Tomatoes" that triggered the event.

Attacked by Rotten Tomatoes - The New York Times

In the usual year, it is an important time that around May 's day of workers occupies 40% of the annual ticket sales in May, but the result in May 2017 was $ 3.8 billion (about 420 billion yen). This was a 15% lower figure than in 2016, and the same level was low that I could not find it until 20 years ago. In the New York Times, I took the cause to the movie officials. As a result, there were people who raised the rise of Amazon and Netflix, such as work problems, marketing failures, and "X-MEN: Final Decision" "Red Dragon" etc. Brett Ratner, who is known for his name, said "Rotten Tomatoes is pulling the film industry's legs," said the movie information site.

It is also interesting that not a few people in the film industry are paying attention to the score of a particular site so much, but the reason the New York Times cited is because Fandango, which also sells movie tickets in 2016, is Rotten Having acquired Tomatoes. Since then, the score of Tomatometer is displayed on the ticket purchase screen, so if the score is low the ticket can not be sold.

Movie starring Dwayne JohnsonBay Watch(Published in 2017 · Theater not yet published in Japan), 36 positive reviews out of 191 reviews by critics, Tomatometer receiving evaluation "rotten" if it is less than 60 The score was "19". Media analyst Doug Kreuz wrote, "Our bulging expectations were shattered by Rotten Tomatoes' 19 scores."

Baywatch Official Trailer - Teaser (2017) - Dwayne Johnson Movie - YouTube

Charlie · Hanam is the role of Arthur and "Guy Ritchie" who served as "Director of King Arthur Legend"King Arthur(Published on June 17, 2017), Tomatometer was a work spent at 2.8175 billion dollars (about 19.3 billion yen), but North American pickup was 39 million dollars (about 4.3 billion yen) To painful results.

Movie "King Arthur" Preview 【HD】 Published on Saturday, June 17, 2017 - YouTube

But is it really because of Rotten Tomatoes? It was Mr. Eve Bergquist, a data analysis expert, who questioned the question. Mr. Bergquist, who is also the CEO of the company, this time it was 150 individual titles released in 2017 with more than 1 million dollars (about 110 million yen) to the end this time · Rotten Tomatoes We collected the Tomatometer score & Audience score data and investigated the correlation using Pearson's moment correlation coefficient.

COGNITIVE HOLLYWOOD, Part 1: Data Shows Box Office Economics in Turmoil

In Pearson's moment correlation coefficient, the correlation between x and y is indicated by a value of "+1" (positive correlation of 100%) to "-1" (negative correlation of 100%), close to 0 The closer it is, the "no correlation was found".

According to Mr. Bergquist, the relationship between Tomatometer and box office performance is "correlation coefficient + 0.12 (12% positive correlation)Coefficient of determination0.009 ", which means that the correlation is considered" not ". As far as the weekend box office results are concerned, the correlation coefficient is +0.08 · the coefficient of determination is 0.001, the value is further lower.

Furthermore, when we expanded the target to "movies with more than 2 million dollars (about 220 million yen) after 2000", we also found that Tomatometer was a fairly stable figure. As an example, the median score of the 2000's was 51, and the median score of the 2010's was 53. However, the score in 2017 was high, and the median in 2015 was 46.5, whereas it jumped to 71.

Rotten Tomatoes says "The score based on critics' review and box office results are consistent, critics and spectators are watching the movie in the same way," that was taken up in USATODAY in 2004 . Mr. Bergquist's findings are likewise highly valued by critics as to the work which left good performance results like this. - Movie critics, fans follow surprisingly similar script

So what is the decline in box office performance in May 2017? What is it? One of the answers was in "Amazon and Netflix" which some of the movie industry people answered. In the battle with these services, the production cost of movies and images soared. As a result, the balance with box office performance has deteriorated, Bergquist pointed out. Also, as the eyes of the audience are becoming more discerning, it seems there is a reason that grades do not grow because the work which I thought was useless was not taken from the beginning.

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