I tried eating "Yakisoba Osamu Takoyaki no Yakisoba Oyadori Tako Baked in Aeboshi Ippei Chan's Night Shop" although it is fried noodles

Staple of instant fried nooba "Ikuhei Meisei's fried noodle in a night shop", Newly"Takoyaki"Will be added from June 12, 2017. Prior to launch, the real thing was sent from Akashi food, so I tried to eat what "Takoyaki taste yakisoba" is.

"Akihisa Ippei-chan's Night Shop Yakisoba Omori Tako Baked" (released on June 12)

A package that strongly insists on being "octopus".

If you are only looking at raw materials, it is not because there is no separate octopus, so you can think only as instant fried noodles.

Calorie is 759 kcal with 169 g of meal.

First, take out 3 bags of sauce, sprinkle, mustard and mayonnaise ......

Pour hot water and wait for 4 minutes. The amount of hot water is relatively large, 770 ml.

First of all, I will tie the source.

Sprinkle with mayonnaise and finish. At this point, the scent is slightly different from the usual "Ippei chan night shop fried soba".

As mayonnaise is expressed as "Mayo Daku" by our company (Akashi Food Items), even if it squeezes, there are as much as "Is it still there?", People who like Mayonnaise should surely be satisfied.

Takoyaki element is zero, I thought how to make it takoyaki, and I was getting a difference from usual fried noodles because of flavor and so on. There is no octopus, and there is not a fabric made with takoyaki that tortoise, but it is certainly different from usual "Ippeichan night shop noodle soba". With the addition of mustard mustonnaise, the spicyness coming with the tongue is increasing and you can enjoy a new taste. As the scent reminded me of the cabbage "Taro cabbage", it seems that there is "there is something that makes Takoyaki taste snack feel". Rather than expecting Takoyaki, if you imagine Takoyaki-tasted snacks, it may be the taste of "I see".

The price is 205 yen per tax. In "Ippei chan night shop yakisoba" series, Yumi Yanagi "Chief Mayonnaise" appears in the CM from April and will blow off people's troubles with Mayo Bee, but if you want mayonnaise you will have a lot of mayonnaise Well, the number of troubles that will blow off may also increase.

Ippeichan Yakusoba's Yakisoba CM "Chief Mayonnaise Appearance" 15 seconds / Yuyuraku Yuya - YouTube

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