Fifteen companies including Toyota to invest 42.5 million yen in Japan's "CARTIVATOR" developing flying cars

Project to develop "flying car" that has been promoted mainly by young group in ToyotaCARTIVATOR"It was announced that 15 group companies including Toyota Motor Corporation are planning to provide funds. The car whose aim is to develop is a type with multiple rotors like a drone, and it is going to develop with the aim of lighting the torch with a flying car at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics to be held in 2020 is.

From 15 Toyota Group companies, total support of 42.5 million yen will be decided over the next three years | CARTIVATOR / FLYING CAR PROJECT

Toyota invests in "flying car" development Aiming for the Tokyo Olympic torch platform | NHK News

"Flying cars" take off, Toyota supports, 20 years' practical goal: Nikkei newspaper

CARTIVATOR Resource Management (CRM), an ordinary foundation entity that manages the development activities of flying cars from Japan, "CARTIVATOR (Katy Beta)", decided to receive assistance. CARTIVATOR is a volunteer volunteer activity to develop flying cars, centering on young engineers and venture officials. This support is based on the idea that Toyota Group has raised since its founding, "Manufacturing is human making" , It was realized to support the next generation car production by Japanese young engineers.

At CARTIVATOR, we have been recruiting development funds for cloud funding, but from 15 companies we have acquired a total of 42.5 million yen in three years, and we have secured a certain stable foundation for development It seems likely.

Development member with prototype of 1/5 scale

It seems that the verification of stability etc. is done also with an actual size model. It is designed to have a total of eight rotors, two pairs at each corner of the car body.

Toyota-based companies such as Toyota Industries, Toyota Motor, Aichi Steel, JTEKT and others provide funds.

In response to this decision, Mr. Tsubasa Nakamura, CARTIVATOR development activity representative, said, "This activity uses members' time out of work under the feeling of wanting to connect dreams from vehicles to the next generation, We are trying to make a dream vehicle called "car" We are developing daily to give dreams and excitement to people all over the world by realizing torch lit. Based on the funds we have received this by the end of 2018 We are planning to complete a manned prototype.Please be sure to pay attention to our movement in the future and those who want to do it together, let's join in and make a dream come true! "releaseI write it in.

This news is widely reported not only in Japan, but also overseas including the United States, the UK, Germany, Russia, Israel.

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