Flight test movie of Toyota's "Flying Car" from Japan

A young volunteer who worked for an automobile company that received fund support of 42.5 million yen from Toyota started the general corporation "CARTIVATOR(Katy Beta) "conducted flight test of prototype of" Flying Car "on Saturday, June 3, 2017.

Takeoff and cruise: Toyota making 'flying car,' luxury boat

The state of the test flight of "Flying Car" can be seen in the following movie.

Toyota is working on a "flying car" - YouTube

The testing machine has eight propellers on the aluminum frame, and it looks like "huge drones".

As the propeller turns around, a tremendous sound is heard, and at the same time the prototype will float up.

I hover for a moment with the height of the human eye ... ...

I immediately broke the balance and crashed.

This test flight took place at a test site in Toyota-shi, Aichi prefecture. After a few flight tests, the cover part protecting the propeller was damaged and the propeller was damaged and the test flight could not be continued. Pursuing the development of flying cars The goal of Katy Better is to make the transition from "running on the ground" to "flying in the sky" seamlessly like a movie "back to the future" Development, and project leader Tsubasa Nakamura says.

Although Katy Beta who is planning to conduct the first manned flight test in 2019, its goal is to use the flying car in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics held in 2020Fireing the fireball platformIt is said that.

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