Assault rifle 'AK-47' Russian manufacturer Russian company Kalashnikov · Konzerun disclosed flying hover bikes

Automatic rifle "AK-47"Kalashnikov · Konzerun, Russia's largest firearm manufacturer, has released a prototype of a new type hover bike.

Kalashnikov Unveils Flying 'Hovercycle'

The company that makes AK-47s just built a working hoverbike - The Verge

«Калашников» презентовал летающий мотоцикл - YouTube

A person straddling a hover bike at a factory-like place. The hover bike has no exterior, only the framework. Rotary blades are attached to the left and right around the driver 's seat.

A total of eight rotors start to rotate ......

The aircraft flutters in a vertical fashion. The aircraft shook slightly to the left and right, but it is very stable.

Go straight ahead ... ...

Direction conversion is also easy with a joystick.

Looking from the front like this.

I showed a stable flight until I landed at the end.

This is a hover bike with no people on board. There is one seat on the front of the fuselage, and the battery is mounted under the seat.

A side view.

Although the prototype is in a state of only a skeleton, finally the following exterior will be attached.

There is no name in this hover bike yet, and Kalashnikov expresses it as "flying car". On the other hand, the announced vehicles are looking like a huge drone rather than a car, from eight rotating blades and shapes. The timing of the above-mentioned hover bike being sold on the market is unknown at the time of article creation,Popular Mechanics"As long as a revolution in battery technology does not occur, we can only fly in less than 30 minutes."

In addition, in addition to this, a hover bike type ride has been developed in Russia, and the following "Scorpion 3" was also developed by hoversurf based in Russia.

Hoversurf releases flight test video of the flying bike "Scorpion 3" - GIGAZINE

In addition, Kalashnikov · Konzerun's hover bike is similar to 'Kitty Hawk Flyer' supported by Google's Larry Page. Kitty Hawk Flyer is expected to be on the market in 2017 as well.

First flight image of a one-seater super lightweight aircraft "Kitty Hawk Flyer" supported by Google's Larry Page First - GIGAZINE

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