The price of flying car "AeroMobil" will be announced at a super car event held in Monaco

"April 20, 2017 to be held from"Top Marques Monaco (Top Marques Monaco)In the middle of Slovakia manufacturers are developing flying cars "AeroMobilIt was revealed that a recital will be held. Pictures of what kind of actual cars are already on the market are circulating, but it is said that detailed specifications and prices are revealed at the presentation.

AeroMobil: Flying car

First Commercially Available Flying Car Will Debut At Monaco Supercar Show This Month | Digital Trends

Since AeroMobil has an official channel on YouTube and shows demonstration videos etc., it does not mean secret what AeroMobil looks like.

The official videos and specifications etc. of "AeroMobil 2.5" released in 2013 are discussed in the following article in detail.

Development of the flying car "AEROMOBIL 2.5" is also underway in Slovakia - GIGAZINE

In October 2014, "AeroMobil 3.0" evolved was announced.

AeroMobil 3.0 - official video - YouTube

Although the overall impression is common, "AeroMobil 3.0" which was repeatedly refined, including the propeller, was added.

Drive on a public road with the wings folded

At the airfield, we spread the wings and fly away

It is flying high enough to think for a moment "Synthesis?"

In 2016, there is an exhibition in front of the building called Justus Lipsius, which included the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels.

According to the information seen at the site of Top Marquez Monaco, it can be confirmed that the model and coloring are different from the AeroMobil 3.0.

Besides "AeroMobil" at Top MARKES Monaco, various other supercar world premiere is scheduled.

Top Marques Monaco

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Flying car "AeroMobil" finally started reservation, final prototype design, mass production timing, price summary, etc. - GIGAZINE

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