A six-wheeled car that can run at 300 km / h also appears in 2009

Currently, the most commonly seen cars are four wheels, but it seems that cars that can deliver 300 km / h with six wheels will be sold in 2009. A real car that can run already is completed, and a movie that shoots running is also released.

Details are as below.
Covini C6W: Six-Wheeled Covini C6W Heading To Production

The size is 1080 mm in total height, 1990 mm in full width, 4180 mm in total length.

A car with three wheels on one side.

Picture from the rear side.

The engine is piled on the back.

I made itCOVINI Engineering. A six-wheeled vehicle that appeared in the racing world in 1976Tirel P34I'm getting inspiration from. By making it into six wheels, there seems to be merits such as "it is difficult to slip", "brake is effective", "grip performance is improved", "ride comfort is improved", "shock absorbability is high".

Movie in motion.
YouTube - Covini C6W on track

Tirel P34 which was made reference for the design is such a car.
YouTube - Patrick Depailler at Monte Carlo in Tyrrell P34

Although C6W was first officially launched in 2004, many prototypes have been made, and it seems that a few finished items will be produced at the end of 2009. Although the price is yet to be determined, will it become a very expensive car, too?

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