Concept design based on Ferrari's Formula 1 machine "Ferrari X-Racer"

Among the "F1" which is said to be the highest peak in motor sports, the Finkami Ferrari team of crimson remains exceptionally prominent. Designer Vincent Montreuil figured out the concept design of "X-Racer" based on such Ferrari F1 machine. Although there is no shadow and shape remaining in its shape without tires, the image illustration which runs on snow on Mach 2 certainly may have something that leads to F1.

Details are as below.
Ferrari X-Racers Concept Formula 1 Car by Vincent Montreuil >> Yanko Design

The upper left is the original Ferrari F1 machine. It seems that the image spread from there.

The length is 8 m, the width is the maximum 12 m and the height is 1.56 m. The maximum speed is 2056 km / h (Mach 2) / hour.

The internal structure looks like this. Because there is no tire, the direction adjustment is done at the part like the widened wing, and the brake seems to use the air resistance.

Image illustration. A crimson body shines on the snow, but it is a little troubled when running around Mach 2.

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