What is the 1939 car 'Schlörwagen' with a too futuristic form?


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In the 1930s, a variety of designs were proposed to move the car away from the 'carriage-derived design.' Among them, the car 'Schlörwagen', which was announced in Germany in 1939, is characterized by its streamlined form as if it came from the future. Rare Historical Photos, a photo collection site, summarizes such Schlörwagen.

Schlörwagen: The bizarre German car that was super-aerodynamic but very impractical, 1939 --Rare Historical Photos

The Schlörwagen wasdesigned by German mechanical engineer Karl Schlör as a car with low drag and was unveiled at the Berlin Motor Show in 1939. Schlörwagen looks like this. At first glance, the right side of the photo seems to be the front part of the car, but if you look closely, you can see that the left side is the front part because the steering wheel is attached to the left side.

Below is a photo of the front taken from the front. All corners are rounded and the windows are fitted to the rounded car body.

Schlörwagen is said

to have been designed based on the 'Mercedes-Benz 170 H ' with the idea of 'airplane wings'. The size was 4.33m in length x 2.10m in width x 1.48m in height, and the wheelbase was 2.60m.

Schlörwagen on the autobahn. The maximum speed of Schlörwagen reached 135km / h, and it was possible to drive 12.5km per liter of fuel. However, it was said that it was very vulnerable to crosswinds because the center of gravity moved to the rear due to the fact that the engine was loaded in the rear and the design of the wing wind of the airplane.

The following image is a photograph of 'Schlörwagen with a Soviet power unit for airplanes and a test run' taken in 1942. Schlörwagen was stored at the German Aerospace Center until 1948, after which it was moved to another location by British troops. Only one Schlörwagen has been built and its whereabouts after being moved by British troops are unknown.

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