The world's smallest automobile "Peel P 50" revived in the 21st century as an electric car

A microcar registered as a "Guinness Book of the World's Smallest Car"Peel P50"Is raised as an electric vehicle (EV) in the 21st century. Simple and compact car body which carries only the necessary minimum is very attractive when looking at it again and it has become a machine that seems to be well passable as a one-man commuter in the Evolutionary Primordial era.

Peel P50 | Peel Engineering

This is the world's smallest car "P50". The size is 1340 mm in total length × 990 mm in total width × 1000 mm in total height, the weight of the car is only 56 kg.

The front two wheels and the rear one three wheeled vehicle, the original model is equipped with a 49cc air-cooled 2-stroke engine, a phenomenal phenomenon that runs at a maximum speed of 61 kilometers and a gasoline of 2.8 liters despite 4.2 hp, 100 kilometers It had motor performance.

In 1962, the P50 which began production on the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom by the Peel Engineering Company, only 50 units were manufactured before the production ended in 1964, and the existing P50 is only 27 units. For that reason P50 is also counted as one of the rarest cars in the world, at the auction it is about 120,000 dollars (about 12 million yen). By the way, the selling price of P50 at the time was 199 pounds (about 200,000 yen at that rate).

Understanding how small the P50 is, you can understand it with a single shot if you look at the following movie.

The World's Smallest Car Meets Ford's Biggest Van - YouTube

Of course the P50 is a one-seater. However, there is space where one Boston bag can be mounted on the car.

The view from the driver's seat is like this.

In line with Ford's big bang "Transit" this difference.

P50 is the size to enter Transit.

For the P50, it is a large space to afford.

Driver of the P50 which cuts the steering wheel in the main.

Start turning while turning back.

The wheel is attacking the edge.

Cut back.

I bumped Ria with a thump, but this is lovely.

While successfully advancing and retreating many times, we successfully succeeded in turning direction within Transit.

This movie was created by Ford to appeal the space of Transit's in-vehicle space, but it seems that only the smallness of P50 stands outstandingly solely ....

Although it is a P50 that ended short-lived, replica models have been manufactured and sold at Peel Engineering since 2010. The reprint version P50 is also manufactured by traditional manual work, seems to further improve performance with a glass fiber body. The manufacturing scenery of the reprint P50 can be confirmed in the following movie.

World's Smallest Car | How It's Made - YouTube

The body of the reprint version P50 has been changed to lightweight and sturdy glass fiber.

I paint colored gel coat of the car body to the base formwork.

Place a sheet of glass fiber on it ... ...

Apply curing agent filled resin.

Firmly roll it with a roller ......

Paste the glass fiber also on the side part.

Reinforce by placing the second layer of fiberglass sheet.

Remove it from the form after solidification ......

A beautiful red monocoque body could be removed.

It is gel coat treated and it seems that painting is unnecessary.

The body is completed by cutting the "Bari" of the glass fiber.

This metal box is a gas tank.

Weld the ends.

Open a hole ......

I installed a gasoline cock.

Both of the three wheels have a disc brake mounted on the P50.

Attach the spacer ......

Fixed to suspension.

To the rear ......

I attached a sprocket. P50 drives the rear wheel with a chain.

The rear is monosus.

After installing the engine with the completed body upside down, it is mounted so as to cover the drive system.

Screw each part with screws.

Access to the screws and nuts is easy, so anyone can maintain it as long as the body of the P50 is turned upside down.

Installation work of the steering wheel (handle).

We are giving play to the tie rod end.

Move the tires and check the movement.

Tie rods are equally long.

The "P50" revived in the present age has two types of 49cc 4-stroke engine equipped models and 1.5kW output EV models, and it costs 12,999 pounds (about 1.7 million yen) or $ 21,530 (about 2.2 million yen ) It is on sale now.

Peel P50 | Peel Engineering

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