The world's smallest car that can actually run on public roads

Recently the demand for miniature small and small cars is increasing, but in the UK it seems there are small cars that can not compare with light cars. It looks like a toy, but in the UK you can actually run on public roads, so it might be useful for a bit of outing.

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Pictured: The world's smallest car gets out of a tight squeeze | Mail Online

The car name is "The Peel P50". It is 134 cm in length, 99 cm in width, 59 kg in weight, and is somehow large enough for one adult to put in. Because it is a very small car body, there are only one headlight, wiper and door. It seems legally possible to drive on the streets of the UK without problems and to go shopping on "The Peel P50".

If you run on the street there is no doubt that you will get a lot of attention

It seems that tourists push for too much rarity

I am not troubled by the parking space

"The Peel P50" was produced only in 50 from 1963 to 1964, it was said that it was sold at less than 200 pounds (about 28,000 yen) at that time. Currently there are only 20 cars remaining and it seems that they are trading between £ 35,000 and £ 50,000 (about 4.75 million yen to 6.8 million yen).

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Peel P50, the world's smallest car revived as an electric car in the 21st century - GIGAZINE

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