Various small cars of the world

There seems to be many small cars in the world, and seems to be devised variously because it is small. I wanted to have several bowls.

Details are as below.

It is quite small.
1966 Peel Trident

It is Honda of the world.
1990 Honda Caren

It looks like a go-kart of a toy.
Brutsch Mopetta

I smell the space ship.
1954 Mivalino

It is like a battle attitude.
1950 Reyonnah

Pretty fashionable.
1959 Scootacar Mk I

This is also cute feeling.
S.E.A.T. 600

It is a famous Japanese car.
Subaru 360

It looks like a big car, but it's quite small.
1947 A. L. C. A. Volpe

The installation place of the door is artistic.
1958 Zundapp Janus

For details, here.
The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum microcars, bmw isetta, messerschmitt, messerschmidt, kr 200, micro cars

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