The prototype design drawing of "iPhone 8" leaked, the predicted rendering image of the next iPhone which became the very small bezel also

The latest leak information of the next iPhone to be released in 2017 which will be the tenth anniversary since iPhone appeared is diffused on the Internet via Weibo. According to this, the bezel becomes the minimum on the next iPhone, the small size change of other parts seems to be done also, the rendering image of the next generation iPhone incorporating the newly found feature has also been released, and what kind of next iPhone is It makes it easier to imagine what it will look like.

Purported iPhone 8 schematics show 'bezel-less' front, rear Touch ID, supposed dimensions | 9to 5Mac

"I got a drawing of the next generation iPhone from Foxconn"PostWas uploaded on Weibo which is the largest SNS in China. According to this drawing, the display of the iPhone 8, which is supposed to be the next-generation iPhone, will be narrower than the conventional one, with the upper, lower, left and right bezels appearing larger screen with the same terminal size. Minchi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, said the miniaturization of the bezel as shown in this drawing will be done on the next iPhone,Predictiondoing.

The drawing published on Weibo is as follows. According to the drawing, the dual cameras installed in the Plus series are rearranged so as to extend from the horizontal direction to the vertical direction, and additionally the home button and Touch ID sensor is moving under the Apple logo on the back side I understand. Also, according to the dimensions shown in the drawing, the iPhone 8 is 149 mm in length × 72.5 mm in width × 8.6 mm in thickness, which is more vertical than the iPhone 7 (length 138.3 mm × width 67.1 mm × thickness 7.1 mm) It is expected to be longer than 1 cm.

The letter "EVT 03" is written on the upper right of the drawing, which indicates that it is the third revision of the Engineering Validation Test (early stage of Apple's product development cycle) is. However, since it will be carried out as a sunny product after this after design verification test and manufacturing verification test, it is unknown at this point whether iPhone 8 can be obtained as it is with this prototype.

In addition, iDrop News reports information that "there is another prototype besides the iPhone that has the Touch ID on the back."

Apple Tests iPhone 8 Prototype with Touch ID Under Display, 4 mm Bezels All Around

According to the information gained by iDrop News, Apple is testing two prototypes of the next iPhone, one with a Touch ID on the back that leaked through Weibo. And the other is to mount the Touch ID in the lower part of the display as before, the difference with the previous model is that the home button and the display are integrated. The feature "the home button and the display are integrated"Characteristics that also match the leak information so faris.

According to iDrop News, features of the iPhone 8 with a Touch ID on the front are "Touch ID is displayed under the display" "Bezel is all 4 mm vertically and horizontally" "Like the iPhone 7 Round Edge 2.5 D Glass adoption "" Wireless charging compatible "" Same dimension as iPhone 7 "" 5.8 inch OLED display adopted "" Front camera is hidden under the display and can not be seen with eyes "" Feature two contact points There are eight of the big power buttons (details unknown) ".

Designer'sBenjamin GeskinBased on this information, I have created a rendered image of iPhone 8, making it easier to imagine what kind of terminal it will be.

Surface, side, back of iPhone 8

Having it in your hands like this.

Dual cameras will extend vertically, and information will be displayed on the part that was the bezel at the bottom of the display.

IPhone 8 is the same size as the iPhone 6 / 6s / 7, but it is a threat terminal that has a display equivalent in size to the iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 Plus.

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