A myriad of sorting robots that undoubtedly turn around the floor of 200,000 pieces of baggage a day

A movie containing a state of the Chinese sorting robot that carries luggage silently in a wide warehouse silently and moves thrown to a fixed station is gathering a hot topic.

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This movie was taken at a sorting warehouse of a shipping company located in the province / Hangzhou city of Zhejiang Province, China. You can see the innumerable orange robot "Little Orange" running around on a dim floor, carrying loads carelessly.

Robots sorting system helps Chinese company finish at least 200,000 packages a day in the warehouse - YouTube

A warehouse that robots and machines are painted orange and can be distinguished at a glance. This is a shipping company "Shentong Express(STO: pleasantly comfortable) "in Hangzhou City has a huge sorting warehouse that has capacity to handle 200,000 bags a day.

Somewhere on the floor, square holes are drilled, and the robot runs round about on and off avoiding this hole.

Human staff to hand baggage carried by the conveyor ......

Place it on the orange robot that was standing by.

Then this robot moves to the specified position and stops ...

The machine reads the bar code, inquires the destination and forwards the place to head to the robot. By managing baggage information with a computer, it is eliminating the occurrence of human error.

The robot given the destination automatically starts running. In the case of this small robot, it can carry up to 8 kg of baggage. The movement of the robot is only in the vertical or horizontal direction crossing at 90 degrees, and it seems that it is moving with reliance on the ID tag embedded device embedded in the floor. It is a must see how it moves while avoiding collision with surrounding robots.

The robot that came to the designated place stopped beside the hole ......

Tilt the tray and put the baggage in the hole. And under this floor, sorted packages are gathered and sent to the delivery.

Since this robot is moving by electricity, it is necessary to charge it when the battery runs out. In such a case, I will automatically return to the charging station.

Turn around and turn around, ass parts with connectors ... ...

Plug in the charging station and start charging. And when charging is over, I will head to the next baggage shipment.

This robot was developed by China's security / robot technology company "Hikvision". The company has a lineup of several robots besides this small robot, and there seems to be some type that can run as it is with the pallet for cargo placed at its maximum.

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