"Renault KWID" quad-cotter can jump out of the car body and check the surrounding situation

Amazon Delivery Service by Unmanned FlightWe are considering,Flying drone delivers beerThe service of being tested, such as multi-copterDrone(Unmanned aerial vehicles) are considered various ways of utilization, but such drones and cars combine to propose new functions "KWID"Was announced.

Renault Kwid concept and its flying companion - YouTube

One quad-cotter is fluffy.

The mesh part with Renault's emblem slowly opens ... ...

Quad-cotter appears from among them.

Gull wingDrone freely flying over the car body with the left and right doors in the shape opened.

A seat designed as a geometric pattern is a bench seat type in which the driver's seat and the passenger's seat are not divided. The driver's seat is in the center of the seat, and the mold is equipped so that the driver can sit.

The handle is the center of the car body. Gorgeous gold is being treated.

A muscular body line with unevenness emphasized.

Somewhat, a part of the rear part of the roof started to open.

Then the drone moves to the upper part of the car ... ...

As it was, it was stored in the opening.

This vehicle is the concept car "KWID" produced by Renault, which is being held at India · New Delhi since February 7Auto Expo - The Motor Show 2014What was announced at. It is the first concept car in Renault history for the first time in the region other than Europe.

Renault Kwid: the birth of a concept designed for international markets | Renault.com - blog

Auto Expo - The Motor Show 2014

A movie containing the body concept and production scenery has also been released.

Renault Kwid concept car, designed for international roads // Conçu pour les routes internationales - YouTube

When KWID runs, quad-cotter drone called "Flying companion" jumps out, keeps a position slightly away from the vehicle and fly around.

The image captured by Drone is shown on the screen of the tablet in the car.

In this way, you can check the surrounding situation seen from the sky.

It is the concept that it is stored in the roof of the rear part of the car body.

In the concept design of the body, five Renault designers including the Japanese were gathered from all over the world.

Since the popularity of small SUVs is increasing in India, we decided to produce a concept car with a sporty image targeting young people.

The powerfulness of the small SUV is represented by the design full of volume.

"KWID" is a concept car that incorporates new ideas created to embody the image of the next generation SUV. Although it is hard to think that it will be commercialized with the same appearance and function, I would like to pay attention to how this concept will be reflected as the essence of a commercial car.

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