Hoversurf exposes the flight test video of the flying bike "Scorpion 3"

Based in RussiaHoversurfHowever, a single-person quad copter "Scorpion 3"We released a flight image of. It is an image that makes me think that practical application of the flying bike "Hover bike" drawn with many movies is near.


Hoversurf's scorpion 3 is the world's first fully-manned hoverbike

You can see the Scorpion 3 flying in the air with a rider in the following movie.

Hoverbike Scorpion-3 TRAILER 2017 - YouTube

Men who are lined up in the factory. A white machine is placed in front of you.

A man with a helmet approached the machine ......

It straddled. This is a quad copter like a hover board that human beings can ride and manipulate "Scorpion 3"

It is a riding position like a motorcycle, but it seems to be steered with left and right joystick instead of steering wheel.

Four propellers started rolling out.

Slowly rise.

I will go up steadily. Scorpion 3 can rise up to 10 meters.

As in quad-cotter, take a forward tilted posture and proceed forward. Scorpion 3 can be moved not only hovering but also forward and backward, leftward, rightward and leftward as well as drone.

I got down to the ground slowly.

Succeeded soft landing with little shock. The rider is a guts pose.

Up to 120 kilograms are lifted up with 4 large propellers and can fly at 50 kilometers per hour.

Scorpion 3 is a single-passenger hover bike inspired by the design of a large motorcycle, it is possible to keep balance by advanced software control. He said that he is mainly developing for sports use. By the way, although the state of the outdoor flight test was released in 2016, it seems that this time it was an indoor flight test in order to avoid being affected by the wind.

Although Scorpion 3 is expected to be put to practical use, hoversurf is also researching a future taxi called Drone Taxi (Drone taxi).

В 2018 году в России могут появиться летающие такси. - YouTube

The futuristic arrival of flying motorcycles and automobiles as one of traveling means may be more than imagined.

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