Robot of amazing ability to autonomously run every two wheel bike at maximum speed of 100 km "MOTOBOT ver.1" traveling movie

Yamaha said "How far,Valentino RossiHuman autonomous riding robot that enables automatic running of the motorcycle without modifying the body of the motorcycle under the concept "Will it be close to"?MOTOBOT ver.1It is under development.The real thing is displayed at Tokyo Motor Show 2015Although it was done, a movie containing MOTOBOT ver.1 indeed that the motorcycle is autonomously driving is released.

MOTOBOT ver.1 | Tokyo Motor Show 2015 - Event | Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

You can see how the MOTOBOT ver.1 is actually running across the bike from the following movie.

MOTOBOT Ver. 1 / To "The Doctor", Dear Rossi - YouTube

One rider who has run a motorcycle from a distance.

It is a robot "MOTOBOT ver. 1" which autonomously runs on a motorcycle that he says "I was born to surpass you" with mechanical sound.

It seems necessary for human assistance to run.

A number of boards and parts are attached to the body.

The hand holding the handle is like this.

The figure is a humanoid robot that is almost the same as human beings, at a glance it looks like a real human. The body's blue coloring is distinctive.

A lot of engineers are watching the running of "MOTOBOT ver.1" ......

"MOTOBOT ver.1" started test running.

Although auxiliary wheels are attached at both ends, there are no auxiliary wheels attached to the ground, nor leaning, and they are running straight.

A design full of sense of robot when looking from behind. In addition to carrying six actuators, it will be possible to judge the optimum line of the course and limit of the machine performance by utilizing machine learning.

It seems that you can also check the viewpoint of "MOTOBOT ver.1" on the display.

Automatic traveling cars and others control the automobile system by computer control, so it will be a special car without a handle, but the amazing point of "MOTOBOT ver.1" is that it runs as it is across ordinary bikes Where you can. It is designed to handle steering wheel, clutch, gear, brake, etc. in the same way as a human without modifying the body of the motorbike.

Of course we can also draw the clutch lever ......

Awesome robot that can change the gear by clicking with a change pedal at the foot. As you push the pedal into the toe as follows, it seems that you can move the pedal just by moving the foot up and down.

The maximum speed is 100 km / h as of 2015. In 2017 it is aiming for circuit running at a maximum speed of over 200 km / h, and it is the final goal to defeat Rossi at lap times.

Although it is impossible to make cornering that makes italic body like Rossi to the ground, it has already acquired the technology of slalom running and turning driving.

"I am not a human being,"

"There must be something that only I can do."

"My name is MOTOBOT"

"I was born to surpass you"

In the future, MOTOBOT will try to exceed Rossi's lap time, but as development of MOTOBOT progresses, it is expected that robots that can drive not only motorcycles but also vehicles such as marine jet and snowmobile can be introduced . The actual picture of MOTOBOT which was exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 is posted in the following articles.

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