3 wheel open sports capable of driving excitement and powerful driving as well as two wheels POLARIS "SLINGSHOT"

At the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, a low and wide body with an edge effect, a remarkable machine "SLINGSHOT (Slingshot)"Is on display.


Polaris Offroad Vehicle [POLARIS OFF-ROAD VEHICLES] White House Auto Mobil Corporation

Arrived at the POLARIS booth. POLARIS is a manufacturer that sells off-road vehicles and water bikes mainly in North America.

Off-road vehicle "RANGER CREW 900 EPSIt is already imported and sold.

In the POLARIS booth, "SLINGSHOT" which was conspicuous in the powerful body line with edge effect was exhibited, mixed with off-road vehicles.

Powerful front face.

The hood design is also unique. The 2.4 liter DOHC engine will demonstrate 173 PS.

Looking from the side like this. It is a low & wide style with a total length of 3800 mm × full width 1971 mm × total height of 1318 mm. The weight of the car is also 753 kg and it is considerably light weight.

SLINGSHOT is a three-wheel vehicle whose rear wheels are one wheel. Driving with an ordinary car license, wearing a helmet is optional.

A style supported by a cantilevered swing arm. Not a chain but a belt is adopted.

The driving seat of SLINGSHOT is considerably low. It is a low level where you can experience the feeling of asphalt. It seems that a powerful drive can be made as it is with exhilarating feeling of two wheels.

Interior decoration is sporty with black × red.

The front screen is considerably low so as not to impair the refreshing feeling of the drive.

Bare pipe frame makes me feel like it.

Around the steering wheel is like this.

It can be confirmed that the meter is engraved up to 240 km / h.

Center's information monitor.

3 Pedals

It is a 5-speed manual transmission.

SLINGSHOT will be available in early 2016. Although the selling price is undecided, it is said that there is already a pre-order by nomination purchase.

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