Lilium Jet, an electric aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter, succeeded in the first flight test and could dramatically change urban traffic

Vehicle takeoff and landing can be done horizontally as well as US military OspreyVertical take-off and landing aircraftThe first electric-powered VTOL machine in the world to supply electricity (VTOL machine) with electric energyLilium JetBut, successfully succeeded in the first flight in original size. Lilium Jet, a compact electric jet jet with a maximum speed of 300 kilometers and a cruising range of 300 kilometers, can take off and land without the runway and has no possibility of exhaust gas problems or noise problems, so it has the potential to dramatically change urban traffic in the near future.

Lilium | Mission

Lilium Jet is the first flight and you can see how successfully vertical takeoff and landing & horizontal flight succeed in the following movie.

The Lilium Jet - The world's first all-electric VTOL jet - YouTube

Hangar of Munich, Germany, where Lilium Jet is located.

"Lilium Jet is the world's first electric airplane capable of vertical takeoff and landing and horizontal flight," said Daniel Wiegand, co-founder and chief executive officer of Lilium.

Lilium Jet is an electric airplane with a total of 36 jets on its wings. Jet fuel, not charged, is the power source.

By changing the direction of the jet fans, you can take off and landing vertically and flight horizontally.

Lilium Jet, which has been developed day and night by more than 40 designers and engineers from all over the world, is now finally flying the first flight.

Before the first flight, carefully inspecting the jet.

It was sunny on the flight test day.

Lilium Jet in a state of being stationary on the ground ...

Like a helicopter, it starts to float slowly on the spot.

I successfully took off in a superb vertical.

Developers who are pleased.

And Lilium Jet starts slowly moving forward.

By turning the direction of the jet and changing the air current, we succeeded in obtaining the propulsive force as intended.

From here we start flying like small airplanes.

Top speed is 300 kilometers per hour.

He turned a lot and succeeded in U-turn.

The cruise distance of Lilium Jet is 300 kilometers.

After finishing the test flight, Lilium Jet also succeeded in slowly landing vertically. The first flight test of a motorized aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing closed with complete success.

Lilium is a startup born in Germany with the goal of "Everyone can easily fly at any time". The purpose of Lilium is to make Personal VTOL a familiar vehicle.

Lilium Jet that can take off and landing vertically can take off and land using the rooftop of the building because there is no need for a long runway and furthermore there is no noise problem because it is an electric airplane.

For example, currently it takes 55 minutes from Manhattan to JFK airport, and if it is Lilium Jet it can only move in 5 minutes. If you are taking a long time to commute you will be able to create a lot of leisure every day.

Lilium Jet will also be applied to taxis. Just by tapping on the destination, we will be offering "Delivery Jet" service that will arrange Lilium Jet in just a few minutes.

According to Lilium, Lilium Jet can move 70 kilometers for cars that can travel only 12 kilometers in 15 minutes. You can expand your life zone by more than 30 times. It will be possible to live in the countryside away from the bustle of the city and go out to the city only at work.

The electric Lilium Jet does not emit exhaust gas, and the sound is also relatively quiet. Lilium complains that shifting from car to Lilium Jet should improve the urban environment.

Lilium started in 2013 succeeded in test flight in original size as planned. In the future, we plan to start the first manned flight test in 2019 and start a distribution jet service that can book Lilium Jet online in 2025.

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