I tried playing "Rappappa" revived as a remaster version with the human size PS4 controller "Deca Controller"

Rhythm action game boasted of core popularity at the first PlayStation "Rappers"Celebrating the 20th anniversary"PS4 Remaster Version Rappa RapperI came back as. When the button is pressed according to the rhythm, upon the resurgence of the pioneering title of the sound game in which the main character 's Palappa spreads a cool lap and a dance of a norori, huge crowd that can truly play a rippa rapper "Deca controllerI heard that it was developed, so I actually went to SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) building and played it.

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So, this is "Deca Controller (Decacon)" made for Rappa Rapper. PS4's wireless controller "DUALSHOCK 4It is enormous as it is. It is premiere for net media.

Since the appearance is the controller itself, it is difficult to understand the sense of size, but it is clear how big it is when compared with the palm of a human hand.

Buttons such as "△ ○ × □" and buttons such as "L1", "R1", "direction key" are made to respond firmly when pressed, so you can play Rappa rapper with Decacon of a sense of lie like a lie . The light bar on the back is also lit and you can see that the built-in is not a humpa.

The joystick can also be grinding, but it is said that it does not respond here just by moving. According to people in the SIE, each button is adjusted so that the feeling of stroke becomes larger by 1 × according to the scale feeling, and it seems that the supervisor of the controller design department was received four times for production.

When a man stands in front of a decacon, its size is transmitted to himself. In addition, when I played a wrapper, the editorial staff who usually play PS 4 will not be able to grasp the position of the button, and there is no doubt that it will be confusing on the difficult stage of the stage. Especially in a rhythm game like Rappaprapper, we needed to move both hands around here so we enjoyed it more enjoyably than usual.

Rappappapper is a game in which hero's Palppa shows cool laps by pushing the buttons with good timing in accordance with the guidance of rap teacher. If you arrange teacher's lap, you can enter your solo stage and play your own original lap, but actually you play the PS4 version of the parappa wrapper with Decacon and the movie that is playing the solo stage cool You can see from below.

Playing PS4 version "Parappa Rapper" with "Deca Controller" will be like this - YouTube

In addition, "PS4 version Rappapprapper" has been released from Thursday, April 20, 2017, and Amazon can purchase with 1576 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: 【PS4】 Rappers: Game

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