"R '4' 'flying car' with four propellers attached to the tire and capable of vertical takeoff and landing

Jumbo jet type radio controlAndRadio control car in the form of tanks and heavy equipmentThere are various types of radio controllers, and radio bumpers that are both inland and out are also appearing. Although it seems that there were many types that the tires were attached to the radio control helicopter to date, the inbreaking radio control for the aircraft seems to have been many types, but the fact that the propeller blade is incorporated in the tire to enable flight is "'B' the flying car"is. 'B' the flying car is capable of vertical takeoff and landing even while driving, finished in a feeling that the design of the body will appear in the future, has become a radio control that tickles children's mind.

'B' the flying car by B - Kickstarter

'B' the state that the flying car is running and flying can be checked from the following movie.

'B' the flying car by B - Kickstarter

This is Witold Mielniczek, the developer of 'B' the flying car.

'B' the biggest feature of the flying car is a 21 centimeter diameter tire fitted with an 18 centimeter propeller blade inside. A large tire is designed to run without difficulty even on an uneven road, and if there is an obstacle that is unlikely to be overcome by the tire, it means that the propeller can be operated and jumped over.

The HD camera capable of recording at 720 × 1280 pixels is installed in front of the car body, and the flight control device is carried at the top. To realize takeoff and landing, the weight of the car body is light, and it is excellent in impact resistance and heat resistancePolycarbonateAdopted.

For the rotorBrushless motoruse.

'B' the wheel part of the flying car is using Gnyagna soft material so it will not break easily even if it falls.

Actually 'B' the flying car is running like the following, it is possible to run easily even on rough slopes.

'B' the flying car can pass without problem even if a big log is blocking the front.

Activating the propeller will cause it to rise faster.

Fly forward as it is ... ...

I jumped over the log which was blocking the road.

When viewing 'B' the flying car in flight from the side, its appearance is different in the direction of the tireBack to the FutureIt is reminiscent of Delorian which appeared in.

Looking at the state of being flying with the camera mounted on 'B' the flying car, it looks like this.

'B' the flying car is in the process of seeking investment for commercialization, but achieves the target amount of 86,500 pounds (about 13 million yen), and commercialization is almost fixed. With a capital of 370 pounds (about 55,000 yen), you can get one completed 'B' the flying car. The deadline is 8:19 PM on July 3, 2013.

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