Ultra compact multicopter that can also be folded "The Pocket Drone"

With four propellers "AR Drone 2"You can take a movie from the air with a quad-cotter,Using an unmanned aircraftThere are attempts to deliver goods, etc. Many applications have been invented for multicopter with free flight performance. I made such a multi-copter as small as the size of the palm "The Pocket Drone"is.

The Pocket Drone - Your personal flying robot by AirDroids - Kickstarter

You can see what kind of product is "The Pocket Drone" by seeing the following movie.

3 pairs of yellow rotor, and in the center is a very compact body of Pocket Drone.

A yellow rotor attracts an eye on a black body.

Compared to the coin placed on the left, you can see the sense of size. The body of almost palm size can be carried in a dedicated small pouch.

Take out the body from the pouch ......

Spread the folding legs.

After all it's easy to just skip the controller and hand it.

It is also possible to shoot such air shots by attaching an action cam such as GoPro to the main unit.

About this Pocket Drone, the development team aims at the development team, "Many multicopter self-made kits are sold in the world, but in reality there are many that are difficult to assemble and adjust.Only commercially available completion In the item, the function is often limited, I wanted to eliminate the disadvantages of both, and wanted to make products that combine the degree of freedom of the self-made kit, the power, and the handiness of the finished product. " Pocket Drone said that it was made aiming at "GoPro of the multi-copter world", the weight of the main body is about 450 g and light weight. Because it is possible to carry baggage up to 225 grams, you can shoot with a camera such as GoPro attached.

You can control using the 6ch controller used for radio control airplanes, etc., and the Android application. The iOS version is coming soon.

In addition, there are automatic follow-up in cooperation with Google Maps, "Follow Me mode" that sets the GPS location and autopilots, flies like it follows in cooperation with GPS-equipped smartphone, "Return home function" back to home etc. It is also equipped.

The rotor uses exclusive items optimized for multi-copter, and the flight possible time at maximum loading is 20 minutes. This is the longest cruising time with multicopter of 500 dollars (about 52,500 yen) or less. As a feature of the aircraft having three rotors, there is a problem that the aircraft rotates without the rotation balance of the propeller being canceled out, but Pocket Drone is to control the angle of the rotor at the rear of the aircraft with a computer It seems to be balanced by creating sideways forces.

Main components are carbon fiber and highly durable resin.

The propeller is designed to drop out and ensure safety when in danger, minimizing damage when accidentally touching something. Also, because it is a small, light body, damage is also minimized when an accident occurs.

This "Pocket Drone" is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment, and about 76,000 dollars (about 8 million yen) is gathered for the desired amount of 35,000 dollars (about 3.7 million yen). You can get a "Ready to Fly" package with all you need to fly Pocket Drone with an investment of 495 dollars (about 50,000 yen). In addition to the Pocket Drone main unit, this package includes 6ch controllers. Moreover, if it is a contribution of 595 dollars (about 62,500 yen), you can get "Aerial Video / Photo Package" with the action cam and special mount that can shoot HD at 1080p in the above package. Because no items are touched about the shipping fee for shipping products, we need to confirm separately.

The deadline of investment is 16:07 on March 9 (Sun) in Japan time.

The Pocket Drone - Your personal flying robot by AirDroids - Kickstarter

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