A movie in which a dela-liner hovercraft runs over the sea

Speaking of "De Lorean"Back to the FutureIt is famous as a car used as a time machine in the movie, and in the movie it is remodeled so that the sky can be flying by the hand of Doc. Even if I like any kind of delorean, I can not manage money so far, but there seems to be some people who made hovercraft as "only if it surfaced", and that movie has been uploaded to YouTube.

RARE: DeLorean Hovers on the Bay - YouTube

It is from afar to raise a splash and come near ... ...

Not a ship but a hovercraft, it looks Delorian.

In the movie, the tire changed its angle by 90 degrees when levitating while the wheel faced downward, but this hovercraft seems to have no tire in the first place.

Because it is a hovercraft, it comes up to the sandy beach from the water, and it rotates all around.

Return to the sea again as it is ... ...

I ran away to the Golden Gate Bridge.

In the comment section, comment that caught in the setting of the movie such as "Is it possible to release 88 mph (about 142 km / h) at sea?" "This is a fake, because the hover board should just float and not move" It is done.

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