Magnetic cover to become 2 mm thin physical keyboard for iPhone

The touch screen does not have much sense of pushing the button, and in the case of long sentences it is easier to make it easier to make fewer mistakes when it has a feeling of hitting a key and a keyEquipped with physical keyboardIPhone case that has appeared, but many of themThick designis. Then it appeared "EX Hybrid Controller for iPhone 5", Only 2 mm thin, stick to the iPhone with a magnet, it is not a huge cover so you can use it as if you have the iPhone as it is.

EX Hybrid Controller for iPhone 5 - iPhone 5 mod

This is EX Hybrid Controller for iPhone 5. The price is $ 59.90 (about 5300 yen).

SomewhatCorkscrew designis.

Waterproof and dust-proof aluminum case has a back of only 2 mm thin. With Bluetooth 3.0 you can connect with iPhone without problems.

Because it is a magnetic type, it sticks to the back of the iPhone with such a touch.

Usually attached to the back of the iPhone, only to use the specification to remove the keyboard.

You can also see the situation using EX Hybrid Controller for iPhone 5 from the following movie.

Hybrid Controller for iPhone 5 - YouTube

The key is like this.

Because it is a magnetic type, it is OK even if you lay the iPhone vertically.

In addition to keyboard, magnet type game controller is also attached.

The controller can be used in the same way as the keyboard.

When charging the keyboard, use the attached charge table. It can be used for about 40 hours with 1 hour charge.

In addition, key phones with keyboard that key lights with backlights on similar concept products iPhone case "IPhone 5 Backlit Keyboard CaseThere also exists. This is not a magnet, it is a type of iPhone that slides the keyboard.

The state of using is from the following movie.

Backlit Keyboard Case for iPhone 5 - YouTube

The back is like this. The case itself is very thin, it is designed not to disturb the operation of iPhone such as camera lens and power button.

You can connect to iPhone with Bluetooth 2.0, switch off when not in use, and switch freely with touch screen keyboard.

The key lights with two colors of blue and white lights.

Game controller is not included, but very convenient to be able to check the key firmly even in a dark place. The price is $ 29.90 (about 2600 yen).

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