"Face to gif" which makes it easy to create infinite loop GIF animation with web camera image


A service that creates an infinite loop GIF animation of 320 × 240 at 10 frames per second is "Face to gif"is. Normally you will need special software and some work to create GIF animation, but face to gif is only taking pictures with webcam, so anyone can easily make it .

Face to gif

The top page looks something like this. There is a big blank at the top of the screen.

To create a GIF animation, first click "put your face here".

Then the cameraHdragomir.github.ioWant to share with? So, press "Share selected device".

The camera started up, and the image currently being captured by the camera was shown on the browser. At this stage, the picture is in the same state as streaming distribution.

Preparation is OK with this. Then start recording by pressing "start recording" at free timing.

After that, when I thought "Is this OK around here?" Press the pause button and click "make gif" to finish the work. It is also possible to start recording again.

Since the completed GIF animation is displayed on the browser, please save it from "download gif" to your PC.

Here is the completed GIF animation.

As for the data, since the user is supposed to save the image, it is said that the animation created will not be saved in the server unless it is uploaded to SNS etc., and the stream video will never be seen by a third party is.

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