"The Moderators" approaching the realities of moderators that monitor and delete contents on the Internet

There are countless pornographic and violent content on the Internet. Through the day and night through such content, delete inappropriate itemsContent moderatorDocumentary movie approaching the job called "The Moderators"Has been released.

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Content moderators delete over 150,000 content from social media sites and mobile applications all over the world. This number is an amazing number of twice the number of content that Google censors and deleted during the same period, nine times more than Facebook.

"This person is not naked, but you can see that you are erecting, because the penis is visible, it is not a nude but it will be subject to deletion," said the education officer who trains moderators in India .

"The Moderators"

"I think you have a Facebook account, and you think you are posting comments and photos. So, have you seen pornographic photos on Facebook? Open your own Facebook account and check it Try why can not you see such content on Facebook? "

"Because it has a moderator"

"As a moderator, we need to keep an eye on activities on the Internet."

"If there are neither rules nor regulation on the Internet, it will be chaos, so we need to check everything with our own eyes."

"I think that I am a good moderator is that it does not respond to" Omega "etc. because it is just a picture that exists on the Internet."

"How much do you know about content moderation? In brief, in the film industry it is necessary to establish age restrictions based on sensitive content, but the content and modernization of the Internet is similar to this Thing"

"We will block things that break off for different content types, which will be harmful for general users."

"Basically everything you need to do is to firmly understand what is good and what should be eliminated"

"To that end, we need to know the rules, rules and guidelines we present firmly"

"You need to understand what is good and be able to judge. Do not make a single mistake."

Moreover, it is a scene judging whether it is a pornographic picture or not in actual work. When I find a pornographic photo, it seems necessary to check the profile and ID of the user who is uploading it and report it to the client.

"We have five dating sites as clients, let's actually create an account, let's experience the actual use of what this dating site looks like."

"If today's moderators do not exist, today's date industry will not prosper."

"The main task of the team is to find real and fake users, real users are around 30 to 40% of the total and the remaining 60 to 70% are fake users."

"I want to see you, I want to be with you, so some users whispered sweet dialogs that I would like you to prepare airline tickets."

Also, since content dealt with by moderators is uploaded by users all over the world, there are different cultural backgrounds and it is very difficult to judge.

"For example, in the case of India, the date is still taboo, so it is quite different for Indians to see a photo of bikinis posted on a dating site and people in other countries to see "

A scene that explains where it is out is also an example of a picture that is actually difficult to judge.

An Indian moderation company introduced in the movie seems to check as many as 2,000 pictures in 1 hour. In addition, it seems that 20% of them are vulgar.

"In modern times almost everyone can access the Internet, and if that Internet is not controlled, the internet will become a porn factory."

Actually, the number of people working at an Indian moderation company is about 20 people. He said that he is processing 1 million copies of photographs in a day.

"Moderation can not rely on automation - I am convinced that human beings are needed because the system sometimes causes errors, In my opinion, moderation is currently impossible without humans I think"

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