'YouTube is too big to eliminate 100% of inappropriate content,' said Google CEO Pichai


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YouTube , the world's largest movie-sharing platform, may be loaded with harmful content that violates its terms, such as harassment, hate speech, conspiracy theory, indiscriminate terrorism video, and so on. Although YouTube is trying to eliminate such harmful content, the current situation is that it has not been able to easily eliminate all harmful content. Meanwhile, it is reported that Google's CEO Thunder Pichai told TV interview that 'it is impossible to eliminate harmful content 100% because YouTube is too large.'

Google CEO on fixing YouTube's hate and harassment problem
https://edition.cnn.com/videos/business/20019/06/16/google-ceo-sundar-pichai-on-fixing-youtubes-hate-and-harassment-problem.cnn-business/video/playlists/ google-ceo-sundar-pichai /

Google CEO Sundar Pichai: YouTube is too big to fix

Every day on YouTube, inappropriate content that violates the terms and conditions is uploaded, such as videos of Sandy Hook primary school shootings and videos of discriminatory content by white supremacists . In order to crack down on this, YouTube actively changed the terms, deleted inappropriate movies, and BAN accounts that violated terms.

YouTube changes content guidelines again and removes content & channels by supremes-GIGAZINE

Also, YouTube uses algorithms as well as operations staff to locate such inappropriate content. However, the accuracy of the algorithm was not enough to identify harmful content 100%, and it could have been a problem as it eliminated non-toxic content and users.

Play movie distributors of games that feed and kill feminists with a crocodile are BAN from YouTube, then YouTube recognizes 'BAN is a mistake'-GIGAZINE

In an interview with Pichai, an American television station, CNN asked if YouTube did not have enough people to filter out and remove harmful content.

In response to this question, Pichai said, “The combination of human and machine has made it (efficient) much better, which allows us to eliminate inappropriate content with a probability of 99%. However, 1% still remains, our goal is to make the probability of missing inappropriate content much less than 1%. '

by Nguyen Hung Vu

In addition, Pichai said, 'Google can probably not find 100% inappropriate content,' said, 'It is difficult to completely eliminate inappropriate content in any large system. For example, credit card systems If you think about it, there is fraud, and if it's YouTube, you have to consider percentages. '

'I'm sure we can make significant progress. I believe that I will improve my execution. I know that the content hasn't been correctly recognized until now, but I noticed that I missed a few oversights, so it's a priority. Changed, ”said Pichai, who promises to improve the accuracy of content filters using AI, even as YouTube is no longer completely manageable. Did.

You can see the interview that CNN went to Pichai from below.

Google CEO on fixing YouTube's hate and harassment problem

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