Facebook, Google and Twitter agree to "remove hate speech within 24 hours"


With Syrian refugee problemMore than 1 million refugees influxIn Germany, the discriminatory remarks (hate speech) on the net against Syrian refugees is a problem. In Germany where hate speech is legally prohibited, the German police investigation has entered into Facebook that did not delete posts that hate discriminatory remarks, but the German government asked for "Hate speech posted 24 hours It has been reported that Facebook, Google, Twitter has agreed to delete it within the same time ".

Facebook, Google, Twitter agree to delete hate speech in 24 hours: Germany | Reuters

An agreement that Facebook, Google, and Twitter agree is to deal with deletion within 24 hours when discriminatory remarks are posted on foreigners and others. According to German Foreign Minister Hioko Mars, "Posting of behavior that leads to a crime that threatens people such as departure of freedom of speech and incitement of crime / rebellion needs to be deleted from the net. "The companies agreed that they will do it for the company," commented.

The three companies have set up a specialist team to accept reports of the hate speech, and if it is judged that the reported postings are discriminative remarks, posts will be deleted within 24 hours. It is easy for German general users to report the hate speech on which the anti-racist anti-discrimination groups spread on the net.


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