Google intends to enter the taxi delivery service full-fledged, it turns out that it is expected to move self-driving car division to Alphabet

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It is reported that Google, which is developing a self-driving car that can run without a driver, is expected to move into the independent business by moving it to its parent company, Alphabet, in 2016. By moving from Google to the affiliate of Alphabet, the self driving car segment seems to accelerate efforts to provide dispatch services like Uber etc.

Google to Make Driverless Cars an Alphabet Company in 2016 - Bloomberg Business

According to what Bloomberg Business reported as information on people familiar with Google's circumstances, Google's self-driving car seems to be getting stronger color used as a vehicle for delivery service.

Google has conducted experiments on public roads of self driving cars in areas centered on San Francisco and Austin, Texas for more than 1 million miles (about 1.6 million km), and when the dispatch service is started in the future It seems that both cities will be a rational choice. The model to be introduced ranges from large to small cars, and initially there is a possibility that it may be started in limited areas such as university campuses, military bases, office districts and so on.

It is already clear that in February 2015, Google is planning to offer its own dispatch service using a self-driving car, and this news report seems to be feeling that such movements are progressing steadily It is getting.

Whether Google starts its own taxi dispatch service, Uber also resists this - GIGAZINE

It is a pioneering existence of dispatch serviceUberAre not overlooking this situation, it is said that they are advancing efforts to develop self-driven vehicles and introduce them into service. In the past, Google's affiliated companies had invested in Uber, but there is a composition of confrontation that is difficult to think, but both are active in active development.

Traffic development of automatic driving taxi that Online service unit Uber intends to view Conclusion - GIGAZINE

One third of consumers in the United States have announced the results of survey that they are interested in purchasing self driving cars, but this is because two thirds consumers are still self-driving I can interpret that it is skeptical of car technology. Although we have been developing self-driving cars since 2009, it seems that we are stepping up the path for earning using that technology. Google spokesman, Gina Cigliano, declined to comment on Bloomberg Business.

The California DMV (department dealing with vehicle related) is a draft version of the rules on the development of self-driving cars on the public road released on December 16, 2015, and acquired self-driving licenses for self-driving cars We are announcing the outline of the draft rule that persons get in and need to monitor the safety of operation. Google has announced a comment that disappointment can not be hidden against this, and it is the place where this policy is concerned about the influence on the development of a self driving car.

California DMV proposes ban on 'driverless' cars

Autonomous Vehicles in California

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