The advertisement of VPAID consumes 53 MB of data in one display and gives more than 6000 requests such as extremely malicious

Even among video advertisements that have become increasingly popular, interactive (two-way) interaction "VPAID (buoy paid)"Advertising is increasing with its multifunctionality as a weapon. However, VPAID advertisement has been criticized as "it is a stupid thing without considering the user at all".

A two months ago, I brought to light the insane state of today's advertising ...

The insane state of today's advertising. This shit right here is why people d ...

News site on AndroidAndroid PoliceFounder ofArtem RussakovskiiOn Monday, he criticized "VPAID advertisement is extremely malignant and it is cancer of the advertisement industry!"

According to Russakovskii, VPAID advertisement consumes a large amount of data in the background without user's notice, and this is a seriously impaired user experience of smartphone and PC. Mr. Russakovskii says that a VPAID advertisement is also switched each time the movie played by a VPAID advertisement seen as a still image is sandwiched between movies, and the band of the communication line is wasted endlessly in the background , Point out the malignancy of VPAID advertisement.

When Russakovskii left one VPAID advertisement open for a few minutes, it consumed 53 MB of data and sent more than 6000 requests. It seems that the number of requests has continued to increase endlessly simply by neglecting only one VPAID advertisement without reloading. Mr. Russakovskii has released an animated GIF on the following gfycat page showing how the VPAID advertisement opens the page and consumes more and more data.

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(Animated GIF)

According to Mr. Russakovskii, the reader sometimes receives complaints that the data was wasted due to the VPAID advertisement. In mobile communication, the problem of consuming a large amount of data unknowingly is serious, so criticized as "the advertiser of the VPAID advertisement is not thinking about anything about the user?" We are also criticizing the ad network including Google that allows such advertisements to exist.

Russakovskii says, "People who are in sync with my opinion that they do not like VPAID ads, which are cancers of the advertising industry, say that sending mails and tweets to Google, whatever the way means, I want you to convey the opinion that it will not allow you to be hijacked. "

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