YouTube stops publishing 90,000 movies a day, totaling 8.2 million movies in violation of the contract, most of them stop automatically by algorithm

We have published the quarterly report "YouTube Community Guidelines enforcement" which summarizes the actual situation that YouTube which is progressing measures against violating movies posted on the platform actually stopped releasing movies in accordance with the guidelines of the guidelines. The judgment of the object to be released is carried out by the automation system and the human staff, and it is clarified the reality that the 2.88 thousand movies were actually excluded.

YouTube Community Guidelines enforcement - Google Transparency Report

According to the report, during the period from October 2017 to December of the same year, the number of movies that were suspended due to violation of YouTube's guidelines will amount to 8,240,339 movies. It is surprising that about 92,000 movies per day are subject to crackdown by simple calculation, but the automatic detection system which flags by automatically judging the contents by algorithm is a big role for this It plays. The number of movies released by automatic detection is 6,685,731, accounting for 80% of the entire movie that was stopped.

A method other than automatic detection, that is, movies excluded by human hands is 1,598,088. Among them, "Trusted Flagger", a third party expert who participated as a collaborator, contributed to the suspension of the largest number of movies, accounting for 70% of the total. After that, general individual users (25%), NGO organizations (4%), government agencies (1%) have become.

Surprisingly, 75.9% of the excluded movie has been released to the public without being actually played. This quickness can not be realized with human hands, and this is likely to be said to be the achievement of the automatic detection system.

By classifying the number of reports (flags) sent to YouTube by provider, you can see that the most frequent reports are received from general users. The total number of reports sent is about 932 million, which is larger than the actual number of stops, but this is because duplicate reports are made to one movie.

When the number of reported cases is classified by country, countries such as India, USA, Brazil, Russia, etc. are ranked in from the top.

The reasons for reporting by human eyes are as follows, including sexuality (30.1%), spam and mislead (26.4%), hate and abuse (15.6%), violence and unpleasant (13.5%). Since these are based on human judgment, different reasons may be attached to the same movie in some cases.

In the report, information on who the report was gathered for and what kind of correspondence was taken was actually released for the reason. Although it received a report from the general user because it was "violent", it is actually a promotion video (PV) of the K-pop group, and it is not a violent expression contrary to the contract and it is requested to stop the disclosure The state that it was rejected is stated.

On YouTube, we will continue to work on problematic content, and at the same time we will brush up the content of this report and continue to provide it.

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