The fusing of tuna can and mentaiko, a sample of "Tinna kankan noodle" sold 2.3 million cans

Tuna can keep evolvingThai curryBecomeCoconut milk soup taitomuka styleAlthough it became it, it is a long-established store of MentaikoFukuyaCanned fruit of mentaiko and tuna "Tuna epidemic"It is creating. It is a tuna tuna selling 2.3 million cans so far, but what kind of taste is it finished? So I actually tried it.

Men's tuna epilepsy | Flavored mentaiko fukuya

This is Tsuna kun. This time I bought "Dry Epilepsy" of "Double Pepper".

It is one can of 90 g, and it fits in the palm of your hand.

The calorie is 357 kcal per 100 g, and it is converted to 321.3 kcal per can.

Continued with bottle length tuna, soybean oil, spicy mentaiko pickled liquid (chilli, egg egg, salt, other, etc.), pepper, ... and so on, added more chili in addition to red pepper in mentaiko It seems that it is becoming "double pepper" because it is.

Try opening the can and look like this. At first glance, it seems that there are only tuna ... ...

If you look closely you can also check Mentaiko.

When I tried it as it is, the taste of oil and tuna spread into my mouth, I think for a moment as "starchy mild?", But afterwards Gatoon! And the spicyness of chili peppers through the brain. When I continue to eat with a bite, two mouths, my tongue and upper jaw are spicy, but my head recognizes the taste and I will definitely eat up.

Tilting the can, like this, the oil is bright red. The flavor of Mentaiko is not so strong, it feels like tuna was used as a pickle.

I also tried eating it for cooked rice.

While tuna mayonnaise and omen rice balls are becoming a standard, it is not possible for other rice and spicy tuna to match, but saltiness is not so strong, so if you ride on rice you want another taste ... Feeling.

So, when you try to apply soy sauce, it is dangerous taste that "it is hot and hot and my mouth is tickling, I eat it until I change my cooked rice". Seasoning was simple, so it seemed to be able to enjoy various combinations, it seemed to be good even if you put mayonnaise and condiments.

In addition, "Dry Epilepsy" of Tuna Tuna episode can be purchased from Fukuya's online shop, with a set of 3 pieces of 900 yen including tax.

Men's tuna epilepsy | Flavored mentaiko fukuya

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