I cooked "Yuzu red pepper paste" which added "Yuzu pepper" to "Rice is good" and tried eating it with rice and yakitori

It can also be said as representative of Nori Tsudanshi "I have breakfast."Momoya's Garuto It was the combination of yuzu and chili pepper in a balanced manner for TsukudaniYuzu red pepper paste"is. The taste of konbu and scallops is the citrus scent and the spicy of chili peppers have worked well What is the taste of Tsukudani? What kind of taste do you like? Taste like rice, ochazuke, rice balls, rice porridge, natto, yakitori, etc. Eat it with a variety of things Saw.

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This is Momoya's "Yuzu red pepper paste". Long-term storage is possible with the same bottling type as rice is.

It is said that it goes well with other rice, ochazuke, rice porridge, rice balls, natto, yakitori, kamaboko, chikuwa, kamadama udon etc.

As raw materials, in addition to Tsukudani material such as domestic paste · soy sauce · starch syrup etc., citrus leather ·Mercy(Rajan) · Yuzu fruit juice · pepper etc. are contained. It is a mixture of peppers chopped in miso, and it seems that citron and pepper are blended in a balanced way rather than adding citron pepper directly to the material.

The energy per 10 g of meal is 9 kcal and it is 90 kcal even if you eat everything because it contains 100 g.

When opening the lid and the lid, you can feel the refreshing aroma of yuzu in addition to the glue scent.

If you try to eat as it is, the taste is just like a citrus pepper, but you can see that the taste of Tadashi Tsudani is plus.

First of all I try to eat it with other cooked rice.

Although the taste of Tadashi Tsuduni is working, rice is often used, but "Yuzu pepper sense" is also strong, so if you are eating with rice, it seems you are eating rice with a seasoning rather than a "seasoning" It is a mysterious feeling. Every time you eat, the chilly spicyness of the chilli will strengthen for the first time.

I tried putting it in Ochazuke.

Salted citrus crisp paste is eaten somewhat and it is felt taste firmly from tea which citrus fruit paste has melted. Because it tastes so strong that overwriting the taste of Okazuke 's elementary stuff, it is likely that you can just cook the citrus freshwater paste and Azatsu tea for rice.

Because you can eat rice porridge of a retort only by warming, it becomes a strong ally when you are in bad condition such as a cold, but food may not progress a bit odorlessly.

When I put Yuzu red pepper paste in a porridge of warmed retort in a microwave oven, it seemed to pass through my throat even when there was no appetite with citrus fresh scent and tsukudani taste.

I tried putting yuzu red pepper paste in rice balls.

There is no doubt that this is also compatible, you can eat deliciously even if you cool down by lunch.

Next we will escape the rice series and put it in natto. Because the taste is pretty, it is recommended to keep the quantity just a little.

I thought that "the taste of natto is scraping ... ...?", But after feeling the taste of natto firmly, a little yuzu smells. It is a feeling that the taste of the Tsukudani is added to the original taste of natto and it doubled, rather than putting the citrus fruits directly into the rice, those who eat with rice and eat it quickly.

At the end I will eat it with salted yakitori.

There is a possibility that it will not fit if it is a grilled yakitori, but it is the best match for salted yakitori. We may add yuzu pepper to yakitori, but because the taste of kelp and scallops is added plus, compatibility is better than yuzu pepper as yakitori seasoning.

In addition, Yuzu red pepper paste is sold for 300 yen per 100 g and can be purchased on Amazon.

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