Maruiya who can arrange the taste simply by placing it "Total sprinkling series" 10 kinds of tasting reviews

Sprinkling it, I imagine a dry thing that flavors on rice, but when Marumiya entered the bottle, the moist type "Sprinkled sprinkle series"We sell. I tried to eat all kinds, because it can be easily taste arranged just by putting it on rice, and it can be eaten like a side dish.

Sprinkle: Sprinkled sprinkle series | Marumiya

There are 10 different packages each and it is colorful color that stands out in the sales floor.

"Fruits & amp; nut curry" is a yellow package and it seems that there are 6 types of fruits.

Fruits such as mango, pineapple, apple etc can be confirmed as raw material.

Since fruits are contained, if you add it to your mouth, you will feel a slightly strong sweetness, but the taste of curry will spread afterwards. Nuts has become crispy texture and you can enjoy sweet curry flavor just by putting it on rice.

Negi salt pork tatami is a simple package if it says well, a featureless package if it says badly.

As raw materials you can check sweet potatoes, pork, long onions etc

While it is a commercial name of goat salt pork tatami, the taste of sausai is intense and it is a little Chinese style when it is put on rice. Since pork is contained in a tramp, you can feel the taste of a pig firmly.

Chicken tomatoes are used in reddish packages that stand out in the sales floor.

Tomato paste · chicken · onion etc can be confirmed as raw material.

The taste of tomato has taste of chicken and it is slightly Italian feeling. Sweetness was somewhat intense, as it meets rice with a side dish sense.

Mekina is also a red package.

As raw materials, you can check the seasonings used for hemp grapes such as chicken, garlic, pea and plate sauce.

Miso and sweetness are felt, a bit spicy spicy hemp taste. Because Maruya is a productMaen's vegetable series's elementIt was a taste similar to.

And ginger is a yellowish package and "Ginger Feeling Up!" Is printed.

As raw materials you can check bonito, ginger, long onions and shiso fruits

As written in the package, although the taste of ginger is intensified, the taste and flavor of Shiso 's fruit are also strengthened. The taste of miso and bonito is also felt,Let's doIt is finished in the seasoning of the wind.

The high-chicken chicken rice is a greenish package of a cabbage.

As raw materials you can check Takamine, Garlic, Chicken, Pepper, etc.

Because it contains chili, you can also feel the deliciousness of the bird with a slightly dry seasoning. Saltiness was felt most intensely among 10 types.

Cow bean juice is a purple package.

You can check burdocks, ginger, peppers, etc. for raw materials

The texture of burdock and bamboo shoots is firmly left, and the taste of beef is felt as well. Pepper has a somewhat weak taste and may be a bit unsatisfactory for those seeking piliriy taste.

The meat bearing is an orange package.

As raw materials you can check pea sauce, garlic, cheese and so on.

Seasoned with a generous wind that feels the spicyness of nuts and pea mackerel. The pungent taste is not so strong, the ingredients are large, so there is a chewy response.

Salmon salmon boiling is a pinkish package.

For raw materials, you can check salt koji, salmon, kelp etc.

Salmon is chewy and slightly salty, impression that salt salmon is melting salty. It is a bit different salmon rice. It seems that it seems to be compatible with seaweed, so it seems to be the best for rice balls.

Tuna and wasabi Stems of soy sauce stew are wine packages.

Tunas, wasabi stalks, long onion etc can be confirmed as raw materials.

As for the taste, like the pickled rice bowl tuna, the taste of soy sauce and wasabi is main, but the sweetness is also felt, finished in seasoning suitable for rice.

In the rice series, the contents are 100 g each and tax 250 yen without tax. It seems to be good not only to rice but also to be wrapped as ingredients of rice balls, and if you have a favorite taste in this, you will not lose it.

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