I tried to eat "New · Horny glue Sesame Rice Oil Flavor" like Mizuya's "Rice is Fun!" And Rice Branded Ingredients Combined

From Momoya who sells varieties rich bottled seasonings, it seasoned rice oil flavor with red pepper, sesame oil, garlic and finished in a crisp texture "Sesame rice flavor sesame paste"Has appeared. I was concerned about the combination of glue and rice oil, so I bought and tried it.

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New and cut corn paste sesame rice oil taste is contained in a bottle in which thick letters called "corner cutting" are conspicuous.

It is said that domestically produced glue paste is cut into small pieces and it is crisp and finished with "rose boiled" recipe. Moreover, it seems that it has been improved to a finished paradise by cutting about 35% of the oil content compared with the conventional product sold since 2002, and changing the condiment from liquid to powder.

Raw materials include soy sauce, plate glue, sugar, sesame oil, rice bran, powdered soy sauce, rapeseed oil, chilli, garlic powder, bonito powder. The calorie is 300 kcal per 100 grams, so the calorie of 60 grams per bottle is 180 kcal.

When you open the lid, the fragrance of the iso and the fragrant scent of sesame oil drift, but rather the scent of the iso is intensified.

When eating as it is, the taste of glue first spreads and the fragrant flavor of sesame oil follows chasing. Compared with a grated sticky glue, the shape of the paste remains firmly, so you can enjoy a unique soft texture. Pepper and garlic are effective in the aftertaste and it is spicy, just Momoya's "Rice is good!" And "A bitter spicy rice oil that is not hotTaste like it was combined.

By saying "This must suit rice!", I put it on hot white rice.

Compatibility with rice is outstanding. Chopsticks advance with moderate saltiness.

Next, I will put on warm tea and try to pickle it.

When you put on a cup of tea, glue will absorb moisture and soften it. Compared with a dumpling where corner roe and corner cutting are included, the new and angular cut starch sesame oil oil flavor has a small glue size and an impression that taste easily dissolves in tea. Because of that, it was just right if I spent about twice the amount of white rice.

Next, referring to the recipe posted on Momoya official website, "Cabbage cut corner cuttingI will try to make it. Cut the cabbage into bite-sized pieces.

Put the cabbage in the bowl and sprinkle the sesame seed oil flavor of new and cut corn.

Completed by filling in with hands.

I tried it on the plate. The appearance is finished like "Okoshi" served at pubs and the like.

When I tried it, the taste of sesame oil and red pepper taste was added to the cabbage and salt-tangle-made dish. Corner cutting gently tangle with cabbage with moderate size. The flavor of paste improves by matching with assorted ingredients, so it seems that it also fits well with natto and chill.

In addition, new · cut corn sesame rice oil taste is sold at the Momoya official website at 311 yen including tax.

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