LBRY will again open to the public for free 20,000 free lecture videos deleted as "no measures for people with disabilities"

More than 20,000 lecture pictures released by the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) for free were forced to delete all because of "It is not possible for people with disabilities", but the contents sharing platform "LBRY"Is reviving the content and trying to make it available for free on its own platform.

U of California, Berkeley, to delete publicly available educational content

UCB has published movies and the like which recorded university lecture so far on the Internet free of charge, but two of the staff of Gallaudet University of Washington state "There are movies published onlineAmerican law with disability"We are in violation of ADA."

UCB(PDF file)releaseIn content released free of charge, "There is no subtitles in many movies" "There are no alternative methods to understand movies such as graphs and charts," "Some of the movies are automatically captioned with subtitles It is accurate "because it violates ADA and announced that the US Department of Justice has been ordered to make the content for people with disabilities. However, as the university's budget is decreasing and subsidies from the state are also shrinking, it means that it is difficult to make the content for people with disabilities, UCB chooses to "delete content" I decided to take it.

Content can be found on the following website, YouTube channel,An iOS application "iTunes U" with free courses from universities around the world can be seenHowever, UCB plans to delete all these more than 20,000 movies. In order to watch the movie after that it is necessary to log in to UCB's account.

Home - Webcast and Legacy Course Capture Content

In the YouTube channel, "The content will become inaccessible starting March 15, 2017" was displayed. In addition, it is considered to take three to five months before all movies are completely deleted.

UCBerkeley - YouTube

However, in such a content sharing platform "LBRY"Uploaded about 20,000 lecture movies copied before being deleted to the platform. It is not yet open to the public at the time of article creation, but anyone will be able to access it free of charge in April.

20,000 Worldclass University Lectures Made Illegal, So We Irrevocably Mirrored Them - LBRY

Jeremy Kauffman, CEO of LBRY, says, "It is a pity that the university has had to withdraw the lecture, but we believe that even without subtitles it is better than having no movies at all." I said that it was made public for that. License of withdrawn videoCC BY - NC 4.0So it is no problem for LBRY to publish video for non-commercial purposes.

Kauffman says, "Our community gains power when information that should not disappear is gone, and our technology keeps information present,"Talked about.

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