I tried making a yakitori don bowl using a snack "Chicken Momoaki" that also fits for a bowl

Baked chicken thigh meat fragrantly, and the retort's snacks finished with sticking soy sauce are "Grilled chicken thigh"is. As well as snacks, as well as side dishes, it is good to go with rice and rice bowl, so I decided to eat it actually.

Baked goods excellent chicken thigh fried | Snacks of appetizer

The package is put in a retort pouch with such a feeling.

Be careful as the toothpick is on the back side of the right side. It is guarded firmly by the bag, but it may be a little dangerous if you do not notice it.

Use domestic chicken.

The energy per bag (64 grams) is 163 kcal.

Try opening the inside, the dice shaped meat is chilli.

With all this, you can see that there are plenty of soy sauce being obvious from the appearance with such feeling.

Soy sauce There are also chewy because someone is often entwined and even thicker. Baking chicken meat gives a fragrant smell, but it looks as if the smell was trapped as it was. It is about a single size, but because there is a chewy residue, it will remain in the mouth for a long time, so if there is one bottle of kore as a snack of liquor, it seems to be sufficient in terms of quantity.

I challenge it because it is good to have a bowl of rice. Place it on white rice ...

I will introduce ingot paste.

Place further onion ... ...

I want soup so if you put a little white soup ... ...

An instant yakitori don is completed.

The sweetness of the sauce oil and the thick taste of the meat goes well with the rice. Without the time, even when it is troublesome to make rice, it is possible to complete full baked chicken bowl without using a fire at all. It is easy to mess up, so it seems to be nice to have a snap on the last tightening after drinking.

In addition, it is currently sold in 5 sets at Amazon, and it is 315 yen including tax for each piece.

Amazon.co.jp: Natori liquor goods excellent chicken thigh fried 64 g × 5 pieces: food & amp; drink

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