Application that can visually grasp the entire stock market "Yahoo! Finance Stock Price Map"

January 4 is "A major eventThe stock exchanges will start business from this day. An application that can visually see the movement of the entire stock market is "Yahoo! Finance Stock Price Map"is. The entire market can be displayed on a flat surface and in three dimensions and can be rearranged to "Industry Type", "Established Year", "Number of Employees", "Average Age", "Average Yearly Salary". You can start up on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 4.3 or higher.

Installation and operation method is as follows.

Yahoo! Finance Stock Map for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad found on iTunes App Store

Install the application on the above App Store.

After installation, tap "Open".

An operation screen showing the movement of the entire market is displayed.

You can change the time by turning the dial in the lower right, and you can look back for 5 days.

You can also change the date by pressing the button under the dial.

In addition, it is possible to enlarge and check details as follows.

Tap "Plane" to make the whole market three-dimensional.

Enlarging / rotating operation is also possible.

Tap on the 3D chart, the details of the stock will be displayed.

When rearranging to something other than industry type, tap "Industry Type".

"Established Year" "Average annual income" "Employee" "Average age" can be sorted.

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