An electric shock while charging the iPhone with a bedside, a man who got a lifetime in nine deaths

There are many people who go to bed while charging their smart phones at the bedside, but in the same way that the men were shocked by the iPhone being charged, even if they died, I got a life in Kyoto death.

A man fell asleep with his iPhone charging in bed. It nearly electrocuted him. - The Washington Post

Huntsville man nearly gets electrocuted after sleeping with phone on charger | Appnews |

Wiley Day, a 32-year-old living in Alabama, USA, went to bed on March 22, 2017 with his iPhone charging on its bedside as usual. At this time, the extension cord was connected to the charger.

In the morning, when Ms. Day tried to get up, the dog tag that Day wore had slipped between the charger and the extension cord. Because the extension cord was loose in connection and the terminal was exposed, the dog tag with the chain worked as a conductor, the current flowed to the neck, and Mr. Day was shocked.

About pain of electric shock Day said "I can not express it with words," "It was the most frightening thing in my experiences I felt as thought of as a devil". According to the doctor, the person was about 100 V and it was about 110 V that flowed to Mr. Day at that time, "It was very fortunate to survive."

Also, Day was on Facebook "It was very fortunate to be able to survive God, you are sincere.The people who gave me the phone and mail, thank you very much.The pain level has been lowered by keeping praying I do not know what will happen from now.Well thank you for being taken up in the news.I am glad that a miracle has happened but I think that it is a sample that shows that charging of electronic equipment at bedtime is dangerous I am delighted to be lucky. "

Man Gets Shocked By Charger

"I kept yelling Jesus."

Huntsville man nearly gets electrocuted after falling asleep with his iPhone charging in his bed. Doctors said he's lucky to be alive.

Huntsville Hospital Benjamin S Fail MD

Tre WardPosted on March 28, 2017

Through an interview with ABC News, Mr. Day calls "Please charge your mobile phone away from yourself."

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